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stone slab cutting machine for sale

It is a bridge cutting machine with Siemens PLC control system. Through the PLC control system, the whole process of stone slab cutting can be automated without manual intervention.
  • HLSQ-350

  • Hualong


 Product Description

It is a bridge cutting machine with Siemens PLC control system. Through the PLC control system, the whole process of stone slab cutting can be automated without manual intervention. It makes slab stone cutting work easier, safer and more efficient. HLSQ-350 can be said to be a powerful bridge stone cutting machine. It can meet your stone slab cutting needs. Computer automatic control ensures the accuracy and stability of cutting. HLSQ-350 is mainly used for the cutting of granite and marble. The whole machine has many advantages, such as reasonable design and structure, stable cutting operation, high cutting precision, and convenient installation and maintenance. Compared with similar bridge stone cutting machine products, Hualong HLSQ-350 has obvious advantages. HLSQ-350 is a very important equipment in the stone processing industry. If you have processing requirements for granite, marble and quartz, this HLSQ-350 bridge cutting machine is definitely your best choice. It is specially designed for cutting granite, marble, quartz. Hualong has a strong after-sales service team to serve you..


 Technical Parameters

Diameter of saw blade mm φ300-φ350mm
Dimension of working platform mm 3200 x 2000
Power of main motor kw 15
Gross power kw 21.3
Max. length of horizontal cutting mm 3200
Max. thickness of cutting mm 80
Water consumption m3/h 2
Head tilting degree 0°/45°
Head rotation degree 0°/90°
Gross weight kg
Dimension (L x W x H) cm 5400*2200*2200mm



Product Detail

1. Straight and 45 degree Cutting

2. Siemens PLC control and Siemens touch screen, Taiwan Savch Inverter, Siemens Contactor, Schneider breaker, Siemens Intermediate Relay, Siemens Power Switch

3. Table tiltting: 0° to 85°

4. Head tilting: 0°/45°

5. Head rotation: 0°/90°

6. Main motor with inverter control for cutting speed for different stone material, such as marble, granite, quartz, sintered stone 

7. Monobloc Steel structure

8. Table size: 3200*2000mm

9. Main motor power: 15 kw

10. Gross weight: 3000kgs

11. Machine dimensions:5400*2200*2200mm

12. Diameter of saw blade: φ300-φ350mm

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1. What services can you offer to benefit your customers?

A: Hualong can send engineers to your country for machine installation and debugging or troubleshooting or to train your workers.

2. How do you ensure that your customers can receive reliable quality machines?

A: The quality of the product is as precious as our life! Hualong has a very strict quality control system to ensure the quality of our products.

3. What is the warranty of your product?

A: Hualong Company For machinery sold: one year from the date of shipment.

4. Do you provide free samples?

A: I'm really sorry, usually we don't provide free samples. But further solutions will be discussed separately upon request.

5. After we send you an inquiry, when can we get a response?

A: Timely response is a highlight of our service. We guarantee that your inquiries will be processed and responded to within 24 hours.

5. If we need technical support, can you provide it to us?

A: Hualong has a pre-sales and after-sales service team to provide technical support. Experienced sales staff and engineers are always ready to answer your technical questions.


 Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1990, Hualong has continuously absorbed a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel and senior engineers from home and abroad. Through the unremitting efforts of technicians in the field of research, development and design, a series of stone machinery and equipment for quarrying, cutting and polishing have been developed. Thus, Hualong has the ability to customize the machine to suit the customer's needs. The customized machines can meet the needs of customers with various production process variations. It also provides customers in the stone processing industry with an all-round, multi-species, satisfying design solution and products. Welcome to purchase Hualong brand stone mining machine, stone cutting machine, stone polishing machine, etc.

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