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stone bridge cutting machine

Discover precision and power with the HLSQ-650, a state-of-the-art stone bridge cutting machine designed for intricate and efficient marble and granite processing. Featuring a robust monoblock structure and advanced Siemens PLC control system, this machine offers unparalleled control and flexibility in stone cutting. With its versatile saw blade and multi-directional worktable, achieve precise profiling and cutting effortlessly. Ideal for both thin and thick slabs, the HLSQ-650 is your reliable partner in transforming raw stone into art.
  • HLSQ-650



 Product Description

Experience cutting-edge technology with the HLSQ-650, a monolithic bridge cutting machine ideal for shaping marble, granite, and other stones. This granite bridge saw for sale boasts a Siemens PLC control system for automated, programmable cutting operations. The versatile saw blade angles from 0 to 90 degrees, working in harmony with a multi-directional worktable, perfect for intricate stone bridge cutting machine tasks.


 Key Features:

  • Robust Design: Monoblock structure suitable for diverse foundations, easy installation, and site mobility.

  • Precision Control: Siemens system, enabling precise size specifications and speed adjustments.

  • Versatile Cutting: Saw blade tilts up to 90 degrees; worktable tilts 0-85 degrees and rotates 360 degrees for complex profiles.


 Technical Parameters

Name Unit HLSQ-650
Diameter of saw blade mm Φ400 - Φ650
Dimension of working platform mm 3300 × 2000
Power of main motor kw 15
Power of tool slide reciprocating motor kw 1.1
Power of crossbeam shifting motor kw 1.5
Power of hydraulic station motor
kw 2.2
Power of elevator motor kw 1.5
Gross power
kw 21.3
Max. length of horizontal cutting mm 3300
Max. thickness of cutting mm 200
Max. lifting travel of cutter mm 300
Water consumption m3/h 2
Gross weight kg
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 5750×3600×3400



Enhanced User Experience:

1)High-quality components including Schneider electric and Hiwin linear guide.

2)Capable of processing slabs up to 20 cm thick.

3)Three-axis movement control with a joystick for precision.

Embrace the pinnacle of stone cutting with the HLSQ-650, a bridge saw machine stone that revolutionizes marble and granite processing.

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3stone bridge saw cutting machine
45 degree chamfering bridge stone cutting machine
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 Product Video



1. What materials can the HLSQ-650 cut?

A:The HLSQ-650 is specifically designed for cutting marble and granite, but it is also capable of processing various other types of stone materials.

2. How does the Siemens PLC control system enhance the machine's performance?

A:The Siemens PLC control system allows for precise, programmable cutting operations, offering flexibility and automation in the cutting process for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

3. What are the dimensions of the HLSQ-650's working platform?

A: The working platform of the HLSQ-650 measures 3300 × 2000 mm, providing ample space for processing large slabs of stone.

4. Can the HLSQ-650's saw blade and worktable be adjusted?

A: Yes, the saw blade can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees, and the worktable can tilt from 0 to 85 degrees and rotate from 0 to 360 degrees, enabling complex stone cutting processes.

5. What is the maximum thickness of stone that the HLSQ-650 can cut?

A: The HLSQ-650 can cut stone slabs up to 20 cm thick, making it suitable for both thin and thick slab processing.


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