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3 Axis CNC Bridge Stone Cutting Machine

HSNC-500 3 axis cnc granite marble stone cutting machine
  • HSNC-500



 Product Description

3 axis cnc granite marble stone cutting machine

The HSNC-500 is a fully automatic 3-axis CNC stone cutting machine. It is equipped with an advanced Italian CNC intelligent control system. The cutting saw blade can be tilted at three angles (0°, 45° and 90°) and can be fully automatic chamfered to meet the different needs of the cutting. For example, linear cutting or profile cutting. It is also possible to cut fully automatically longitudinally and horizontally at the touch of a button via the cnc control system. The whole process of cutting the slab is automated. The programme is set and the machine stops automatically when the process is completed, so that no worker is required to look after the machine. As it is a fully automatic stone cutting machine, one worker can operate more than one machine at the same time. This saves on labour costs.


 Technical Parameters

Diameter of saw blade ø400-ø500 mm
Dimension of working platform 330x200 cm
Max. cutting length 330 cm
Max. cutting thickness 140 mm
Max. lifting stroke 250 mm
Power of main motor 11 kw
Power of cutter frame reciprocating motor 1.5 kw
Power of crossbeam shifting motor 1.5 kw
Power of hydraulic station motor 2.2 kw
Power of lifting motor 1.5 kw
Gross power 17.7 kw
Water consumption 2 m3/h
Gross weight 5400 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 570x326x277 cm



Main Features

1. Compact product structure, small floor area, no ground foundation.

2. High efficiency with high performance computer system control.

3. Powerful functions, one equipment can complete many work required by small processing plants.

4. Select high-quality electrical appliances, long service life, low maintenance cost

5. This machine supports one-key conversion of multiple languages.

6. One-touch realize crosswise and lengthwise switch cutting repeatedly and automatically.

7. Without G code, manual input operation. Simple operation, no foundation.

Italy Esa Operating Control System
Electro-spindles Internal water passage
Italy ESA Digital Servomotor
Laser Reticule Apparatus
Hiwin Linear Guide
stone cutting head


 Product Video

3 axis cnc granite marble stone cutting machine



1. How about the after-sales service of this stone cutting machine?

A: Hualong has a very complete after-sales service system. As long as you encounter any problems, Hualong's technicians will definitely solve them for you as soon as possible.

2. Does Hualong brand HSNC stone cutting machine meet safety standards?

A: The stone machinery produced by Hualong meets the international product quality requirements. And all stone machinery and equipment have obtained relevant product quality certificates, such as CE certificates and so on.

3. How long is the service life of this HSNC-500 stone cutting machine?

A: The service life mainly depends on your frequency of use, use environment, maintenance and so on. Normally, it is no problem to use it for more than ten years.

4. How difficult is it to install the HSNC-500 machine?

A: HSNC-500 adopts an integrated design, which is very convenient for installation and transportation, even non-professionals can easily complete the installation work.

5. Can HSNC-500 realize automatic production?

A: HSNC-500 is equipped with Italian CNC system, which can realize automatic processing without manual intervention in the whole process.


 Company Profile

Fujian Hualong Stone Machinery has long adhered to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, honest management, sound management, and quality assurance". After more than 30 years of ingenious development and management, the company has been making progress while developing steadily. Hualong Company has at least three new products coming out every year, extending from research and development and production of single products to the entire industrial chain. "Multiple Blossoms". The stability of stone machinery and equipment and the professionalism of production have also been highly recognized by users at home and abroad, and a stable and good partnership has been established in the long-term cooperation with customers. Hualong Company has won the title of provincial and municipal contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise for 10 consecutive years. In the future, Hualong Machinery will continue to promote industrial technology innovation, insist on being refined, specialized and strong, focusing on the development of intelligent and environmentally friendly machinery and equipment, leading the development of the stone industry to a green road and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and contributing to my country's stone manufacturing industry High-quality development contributes new strength!.

hualong stone machinery



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 Product Packaging

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-1

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-2
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-3

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-4
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-5
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-6


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