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5 Axis CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

  • HLRC-4020


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CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

The HLRC-4020 5-axis CNC waterjet is a machine that employs a high-powered water stream derived from ordinary tap water and abrasives (typically a mixture of garnet and water). It's primarily composed of a high pressure pump, a CNC machine tool, a jet head, an abrasive system and a cooling system. It's a blade that can cut any material without sacrificing the accuracy of the cut. The HLRC-4020 is a tool for cutting that can cut at angles of up to +60°, this tool addresses the issues associated with conventional waterjets when cutting at an angle. The HLRC-4020 is capable of easily slicing and processing materials in 2D and 3D. The HLRC-4020 has capabilities for cutting that include bevel, straight, taper, arc, and groove. The HLRC-4020 is capable of slicing through a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, marble, granite, and ceramic.

| Technical Parameters

Model No. Unit HLRC-3020 HLRC-4020
Working area mm 3300*2100 4100*2100
X-axis stroke mm 3200 4000
Y-axis stroke mm 2000 2000
Z-axis stroke mm 80-130 80-130
Max. angle of C axis rotation ° +/- 360 +/- 360
Max. angle of A axis swing ° +/- 60
+/- 60
Cutting accuracy mm +/- 0.1 +/- 0.1
Repeatable  accuracy mm +/- 0.05 +/- 0.05
Traverse speed mm/min 5000/15000 5000/15000
Main motor power kw 37 37
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 443x278x220 494x280x222

| Product Detail

1) Convert any shape into a cutable, flexible, convenient and versatile form.

2) Notch is quick and smooth, lacking dust, lacking thermal distortion, and lacking pollution. Tension-free parts due to the minimal force used in the cutting process.

3) Narrow kerf - The volume of material removed by the water jet's stream is typically 0.5-1.0 mm in diameter. The length of the cut is optimized, the more effective material utilization is increased.

4) Cut Backup - Reach for the spot whereJet stopped.

5) The programmable height of the Z axis. The Z axis is able to retract between the pierces.

6) Servos, linear saws and vehicles, helical ropes and panniers, and circular saws are employed to provide a swift and smooth movement in the axial direction.

7) A high-performance drive system that allows for high-precision production of parts as well as the highest processing speed.

8) The driver system is sealed against water, dust and grit. Extended life hours.


Driving system

Adopt imported main parts, durable and safe, inject water and continuously discharge water to transform it into supersonic water jet on the cutting head. Maximum output pressure up to 4137 bar (60,000 psi) 400 MPa, sustained cutting pressure up to 380 MPa.

Auto Abrasive Delivery System_副本

Automatic abrasive supply system

Supplies abrasive to the abrasive regulator. Air valve to prevent jamming and breakage. Automatic control via CNC auxiliary function. Self-sealing. Adjust the flow slightly.

Driving System

Oil cooled chiller

Less maintenance, more stable and better performing chiller.
It cools and ensures that the hydraulic system can be used under stable conditions.in a circular manner at 42–45°C, and when using a water cooler – at 55–57°C.


WEIHONG Laser Sensor

Laser Sensor

Brand: Weihong
Original: China
Automatic precision height scanning function ensures a constant distance between the knife head and the workpiece surface.

WEIHONG Servo Motor

Servo Motor

  Brand: Weihong
  Origin: China

  Number of revolutions: 0-1500 rpm

  Precision and smooth movement of the X axis.

WEIHONG Water Jet Software

Waterjet Cutting Software

Brand: Weihong
Original: China
Mature motion control solutions to solve high-pressure water jet motor taper, towing and other technical problems, and realize
ideal dynamic five-axis cutting,
easy to operate and learn.


Elec-Magnet Valve

   Brand: Yuanhong

Origin: China

Indicate and change advantage

Siemens Main Motor

   Main Motor

Manufacturer: Siemens
Original: China
Power: 37 kW
Efficiency: 92.7%
Generate motion energy through electrical energy for a high pressure pump.



 For continuous production of water under high pressure.
 Major parts are supplied from Ashcroft, USA. Stable performance and operation.


stone cutting machine* Stone/ceramic industry, such as used for countertops, art puzzles, floor inlays and mosaics.

* Glass industry such as bathroom glass, display glass, automotive glass and appliance glass.

* Metallurgy industry such as finishing, stainless steel finishing and other metal cutting processes, equipment cover cutting, metal parts cutting.

* Cutting gaskets

* Cutting foam.

| CE certificate

stone block cutting machine

stone block cutting machine

CNC stone slab cutting machine

CNC stone slab cutting machine

CNC Stone Processing Center

CNC Stone Processing Center 


1. I desire additional power for this machine, is it customizable?

A: Hualong Company can create tailored services that take into account the specific requirements of customers, these services will have a higher power than the original power configuration.

2. How much does it cost to ship this heavy machine?

A: It's dependent on the number of machines you order and the destination port. I demand that you relay these information to me so that I can calculate the expense and inform you.

3. Is it possible to have one container that can hold one machine?

A: Yes, this bridge cutter is singular structure. Easy to move.

4. I desire to know more information about this machine, is it appropriate?

A: Please describe to me your concerns or questions, we will send you additional information, including videos that explain the fonctionnement of the machine.

5. Can you describe to us the components of the bridge cutting machine?

A: Of course, this service is intended for you permanently.


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