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Granite Stone Slab Cutting Machines

  • HLSQ-450



 Product Description

Bridge stone Cutting Machine

HLSQ-450 is a fully automated 3-axis stone slab harvesting machine. It employs the PLC system that is derived from Italy, the interface that is touchable, and features a wireless remote control and an infrared device, all of which make the operation of the machine simple and pleasant. This stone slicing machine is efficient at slicing marble, granite, quartz and other natural stone slabs.

china marble cutting machine


 Technical Parameters

Name Unit HLSQ-450
Diameter of saw blade mm Ø400-Ø450
Dimension of working table mm 3300x2000
Max. Length of horidontal cutting mm 3300
Max. Cutting thickness mm 100
Max. Lifting stroke mm 300
Power of main motor kw 15
Power of cutter frame reciprocationg motor kw 1.1
Power of crossbeam shifting motor kw 1.5
Power of hydraulic station motor kw 2.2
Power of lifting motor kw 1.5
Gross power kw 21.3
Water consumption M3/h 2
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 575x326x276
Gross Weight kg 5400



Product Detail
1) Easy to load, unload and install because of the monoblock design. no cement is necessary.
High-quality accessories, such as the Siemens and Schneider Electric brand, are employed.
3) the 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° automatic rotation of the head and the blade.

4)The blade can be automatically tilted 45 degrees for chamfering.

5)A single button that automatically repeated vertical and horizontal slicing.

6)A manual cutter is available for simple drilling.

7) The table's rotation can be set to 0-360 degrees by either automatic or manual means, and can be paused or stopped at any angle by remote control every 45 degrees.

8) The table's work surface is designed to be tilted 0-85 degrees based on the actual needs of the table. This is beneficial for the loading of slabs.
stone slab cutting machine for sale
marble thin slab cutting machine
marble granite thin slab cutting machine
granite slab cutting machine
medium size granite stone cutting machine for slab


 Product Video



1. What sort of pre-sale service can you offer?

A: The services that we can provide are as follows:

*Pre-sales services that are consulted before the sale is made.

*The current state of the stone industry

*Access our facility from afar or in person.

* Suggested reasonable design options

2. Do you provide after-sales service that is paid for?

A: Yes, Hualong can arrange technicians to come to you from overseas, and the costs associated with this are paid for by you.

3. How is this machine's cost-effectiveness documented?

A: Hualong is a seasoned stone machine manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. We provide you with the most appropriate and practical machinery.

4. Is it appropriate to substitute other brands of electrical components?

A: As long as the electrical components of other brands are compatible with this machine, we will match them to your specifications.


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