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Hualong Machinery is dedicated to providing high cost-performance stone cutting machinery solutions for both beginners and professionals. Our "Block Cutting Machine" series combines efficiency, reliability, and economy, suitable for cutting, shaping, and polishing various types of stones. Utilizing advanced CNC technology and comprised of sturdy bed frames, high-precision guide rails and screws, powerful motor drive systems, efficient cooling systems, accurate CNC controllers, and multifunctional tool systems, our products meet the needs of everything from small workshops to large stone processing factories. Widely applied in stone carving, architectural decoration, tombstone making, and more, Hualong Machinery’s stone cutting machines help users improve work efficiency and product quality. We provide comprehensive customer support and services, including product selection consultation, customized processing needs assessment, after-sales technical support, and maintenance, ensuring your stone processing project proceeds smoothly. Explore our product range to start or upgrade your stone processing business, and create more possibilities with Hualong Machinery. We offer more than just stone cutting machinery; we are your trustworthy partner in stone processing solutions.

  • The introduction of the HLKJ-80Gang Saw, a cutting machine with a unique design created by Hualong Machinery that is intended for the stone industry. This sliding sleeve double link saw is designed to efficiently cleave through marble, limestone, sandstone, and synthetic stone. With its unique system of lifting, the HLKJ-80Gang Saw guarantees the highest quality while minimizing operational expenses. Its dependable performance, resistance to rust, and simple operation make it highly appreciated by the industry. Additionally, this machine is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance, this increases its popularity. As stone machinery experts, we understand the value of precision and efficiency, which is why the HLKJ-80Gang Saw is the ideal choice for your marble block harvesting needs. Discover our fantastic prices and enjoy the superior quality of Hualong Machinery.
  • The introduction of the Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting machine, the HLKJ-80 model, from Hualong Machinery. This cutting machine is advanced and designed to precisely cut blocks of marble, limestone, sandstone, and synthetic stone. With its dual-sliding sleeve saw and lifting system, it guarantees the most efficient output while minimizing operational costs. The Diamond Gangsaw is also referred to as a diamond frame Saw, diamond row Saw, or marble frame Saw, it has a dependable function, rust resistance, easy operation, low maintenance, and exceptional durability. As a stone machine expert, we know the value of efficiency and quality in the cutting of blocks. Our machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures the greatest possible performance and longevity. Experience the superiority of Hualong Machinery's Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine, the ultimate in stone cutting technology.
  • The HLQY-2500 Multiwheel Block Cutter from Hualong Machinery is introduced. This classic and popular bridge saw is built to efficiently cleave stone blocks into rectangular slabs of various thicknesses. With its Siemense PLC control system and Hiwin linear guide with oil bath, this machine provides high efficiency, stability, and long service life. The machine model 2500 allows for the installation of as many as 18 thin blades for stone cutting, making it a versatile choice. Whether you're at home or away, the machine has a reputation for its exceptional capabilities. If you're in search of a stone block slicing machine for sale, the HLQY-2500 is ideal for you. Trust Hualong Machinery for dependable and superior stone machinery solutions.
  • Hualong Machinery's introduction of the HLMW series of Multiwire Cutting Machines has led to a revolution in the granite gangsaw industry. This cutting-edge machine employs multiple diamond blades to cleave through granite slabs, this has a potential savings of up to 3% on raw materials. Thediamond strands, with a diameter of 6.3-7.2 mm, are covered with diamond-impregnated beads that function as an abrasive. These beads are refrigerated and scrubbed by water flows, which eliminates the wasted material. The Multi Wire Cutting Machine not only improves the surface quality of the slab as it is cut, but also provides a superior cutting quality that is accurate, smooth, and low noise. Additionally, it diminishes the power and water consumption, which further enhances the efficiency. Select from our machine options HLMW-21/36/42/58U and feel the ultimate benefit of block trimming in the stone machinery industry.
  • The HLMW series of Multiwire Saws for granite harvesting, a cutting technology that is revolutionary for Hualong Machinery. This cutting machine for blocks has increased productivity and significant savings in the granite industry's cutting costs. With a typical savings of 3% on raw material, this machine employs multiple diamond strands to effortlessly cut through granite blocks. The diamond wire's diameter is 6.3-7.2 mm and is covered with diamond-impregnated beads that function as a abrasive. These beads are refrigerated and scrubbed by water flows, which eliminates the wasted material. The Multiple Wire Saw not only guarantees a superior finish to the slab, but also guarantees superior quality cutting at a low noise level. Additionally, this machine provides significant savings on power and water usage. Select the HLMW series of multi wire saws from Hualong Machinery for the most efficient and cost-effective way to cut granite.
  • HLQY-32-1700 Block Cutter Machine by Hualong Machinery
    Efficiency and Precision in Granite Cutting
  • HLMW series diamond Multi Wire Saw for granite marble cutting machine


Maximize your stone working potential with the block cutting machine

To fully optimize the utilization of a Hualong Machinery block cutting machine, it is crucial to go beyond the basic operations and capitalize on its advanced functionalities. This includes making the most of programmable cut sequences and automated material handling capabilities to enhance both productivity and precision. By harnessing the precision control systems integrated into the machine, operators can achieve exceptional outcomes, executing intricate cuts and patterns while minimizing material wastage. It is imperative to conduct regular maintenance and calibration of the equipment to uphold its performance and durability. Hualong Machinery offers comprehensive support and guidance in this regard, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition. By adhering to these guidelines and leveraging the assistance provided by Hualong Machinery, fabricators can guarantee the efficient, safe, and effective operation of their block cutting machines, thereby contributing to the success and expansion of their stone processing endeavors.

Here at Hualong Machinery, we recognize that each stone cutting project comes with its own set of obstacles. That's precisely why our block cutting machines are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that enables a wide range of cutting possibilities, from simple slab cutting to intricate designs, all while maintaining speed and precision. Our machines are built with durable construction, top-notch components, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring accessibility for operators of any expertise level. Additionally, advanced safety features have been integrated to guarantee not only efficient cutting operations but also the utmost safety for your team, reducing the risk of accidents and instilling confidence in your operations.

When you invest in a block cutting machine from Hualong Machinery, you're not simply purchasing a piece of equipment. Instead, you're entering into a partnership with a renowned leader in the stone machinery sector. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation has solidified our reputation as a trusted name among stone fabricators worldwide. From the initial consultation to after-sales service, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that your machinery consistently performs at its best. By choosing Hualong Machinery, you're not only unlocking the full potential of your stone working capabilities but also becoming part of a community of dedicated professionals who strive for excellence in the stone industry.

Maximize your stone working potential with the block cutting machine

What Is A Block Cutting Machine?

Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines are a vital asset in the stone processing industry, providing the means to meticulously and effectively transform sizable blocks of both natural and engineered stones into slabs, tiles, and architectural components. These machines embody the perfect marriage between cutting-edge technology and exceptional engineering, specifically designed to cater to the requirements of contemporary stone fabrication projects. With their remarkable ability to effortlessly slice through even the toughest materials, these machines seamlessly combine speed, precision, and longevity, ensuring the utmost quality in stone craftsmanship.

The design of Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines exemplifies our unwavering commitment to innovation. These cutting-edge units are equipped with robust motors, advanced control systems, and precise blades that guarantee impeccable cuts on every occasion. Our machines offer unparalleled versatility, allowing for adjustments in blade size and cutting angle to accommodate the unique requirements of any project. This adaptability is crucial for fabricators seeking to expand their capabilities and confidently tackle intricate designs. Furthermore, the efficiency of Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines results in minimal waste, optimized material usage, and reduced operational expenses, positioning them as an invaluable asset for businesses striving to gain a competitive advantage.

With a focus on user experience, Hualong Machinery has designed its block cutting machines to go beyond technical specifications. These machines are not only easy to operate and maintain but also minimize downtime, allowing for uninterrupted productivity in stone processing environments. Safety is a top priority, as every model is equipped with integrated safety features to safeguard operators from potential hazards. Hualong Machinery's dedication to performance and user well-being is evident. As an active member of the global stone industry, Hualong Machinery continuously pushes the boundaries of block cutting technology, fostering innovation and achieving excellence in every cut. By investing in a Hualong Machinery block cutting machine, fabricators gain a reliable tool that not only meets their current needs but also supports their growth and success in the ever-changing stone industry.

How Does An Block Cutting Machine Work?

Building on the understanding of what a Block Cutting Machine is and its critical role within the stone processing industry, this section explores the operational mechanics of these powerful machines, specifically those developed by Hualong Machinery. At its core, a Block Cutting Machine operates on a straightforward yet sophisticated principle, using a diamond-tipped blade to slice through stone blocks with precision. This process begins with the positioning of the stone block on the machine's sturdy table, which is designed to accommodate heavy weights and ensure stability during cutting. Hualong Machinery's cutting machines are equipped with advanced features such as computer-controlled operation, allowing for precise adjustments in speed, depth, and angle of cut to suit the specific requirements of each stone type and project.In order to delve deeper into the operational mechanics of Block Cutting Machines, particularly those manufactured by Hualong Machinery, it is important to first establish their significance within the stone processing industry. These powerful machines play a crucial role in the precise slicing of stone blocks, utilizing a diamond-tipped blade as their primary tool. The process commences by securely placing the stone block onto the robust table of the machine, which is specifically designed to handle substantial weights and ensure unwavering stability throughout the cutting procedure. Hualong Machinery's cutting machines are equipped with cutting-edge features, including computer-controlled operation, which enables meticulous adjustments in terms of speed, depth, and angle of cut to perfectly match the unique requirements of each stone variety and project.

Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines employ a motor-driven blade that operates at high speeds, effortlessly slicing through various stone materials such as granite and marble. To prevent overheating and minimize dust, these machines incorporate cooling systems that utilize water, resulting in a longer lifespan for the cutting blade and a cleaner work environment. The machine's ability to make precise incremental adjustments further enhances the accuracy of the cut, allowing fabricators to achieve the desired finish and dimensions of the stone piece. This level of control and flexibility is essential for delivering top-notch stone products efficiently. Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines are highly valued by fabricators who prioritize efficiency and precision. By continuously innovating and adhering to stringent quality standards, Hualong Machinery ensures that their block cutting machines offer a dependable and high-performance solution for stone processing challenges. These machines empower businesses to maximize productivity and craftsmanship in stone fabrication.

What Are The Types Of Block Cutting Machine?

Hualong Machinery offers a range of meticulously crafted bridge saws that are specifically engineered to slice sizable stone blocks into slabs with unmatched precision and effectiveness. These bridge saws are particularly well-suited for fabricators who specialize in creating countertops and architectural pieces. Notably, the bridge saws are distinguished by their durable build and exceptional capability to execute straight, angled, and curved cuts with utmost accuracy, thus accommodating a diverse array of design specifications.

Hualong Machinery also offers a crucial variant in their product lineup: the multi-blade block cutter. This particular machine has been specifically designed to cater to businesses seeking to increase their production volume without sacrificing quality. By incorporating multiple blades, these cutting-edge machines have the capability to slice through multiple slabs from a single block simultaneously. This innovative feature greatly enhances productivity and maximizes material utilization, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to expand their operations while maintaining top-notch quality standards.

Hualong Machinery's expertise extends to wire saws, a highly adaptable tool that effectively cuts intricate shapes and reduces waste in quarrying and block processing. By utilizing a diamond-infused wire, wire saws offer the versatility needed to create intricate designs while maximizing the output from each stone block. This exemplifies Hualong Machinery's dedication to pioneering and streamlining stone cutting technology.

What Are Block Cutting Machine Used For?

Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines play a crucial role in the conversion of unprocessed stone blocks into accurate and functional forms, including slabs, tiles, and customized shapes. These transformed stone components serve as essential elements in various industries such as construction, interior design, and monument crafting. The remarkable precision and effectiveness of Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines empower fabricators to fulfill the precise requirements of their customers, whether it be for lavish marble countertops, resilient granite flooring, or intricate limestone exteriors. In doing so, these machines effectively bridge the gap between the inherent beauty of natural stone and the architectural necessities of different projects.

Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines play a crucial role in the creation of veneers and decorative stone pieces, catering to the aesthetic and practical needs of landscaping and exterior design ventures. By enabling the production of thin and consistent stone slices, these machines unlock exciting possibilities for exterior cladding, paving, and garden embellishments, elevating the beauty of outdoor areas. This adaptability extends to the realm of art, where accurately cut stones are utilized in sculptures and ornamental works, showcasing the machines' integral role in transforming artistic concepts into reality.

The importance of utilizing block cutting machines strategically in quarrying operations cannot be emphasized enough. Hualong Machinery's state-of-the-art wire saws and multi-blade cutters are designed to maximize the output from each stone block, minimizing waste and promoting sustainable practices in stone extraction. This level of efficiency not only has positive implications for the environment but also enables quarry operators to optimize their resources, ensuring a consistent supply of top-notch stone for the global market. By catering to all aspects of stone cutting, from initial extraction to refined architectural components, Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines are indispensable for a wide array of applications, solidifying their position as a vital asset in the modern stone industry.

How To Choose The Best Block Cutting Machine?

Material Compatibility:

Evaluate the type of stones (e.g., granite, marble, limestone) you'll be cutting most often.

The controller has a humanized interface, simple and convenient operation, complete functions, and high program compatibility. Various CAM software can be imported directly or indirectly.

Output and Precision:

Determine your production volume and the precision required for your projects.

For high-volume production, consider Hualong Machinery's multi-blade cutters.

For custom and intricate designs, look into precision-engineered bridge saws and wire saws.

Block Size:

Assess the typical size of the stone blocks you work with.

Ensure the machine can accommodate these dimensions for efficient processing.

Automation and Ease of Use:

Consider the level of automation and user-friendliness.

Machines with advanced technology can simplify the cutting process, reduce labor, and enhance safety.

After-Sales Support:

The manufacturer's reputation for customer service and technical support is crucial.

Hualong Machinery is known for comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring long-term value and performance.

Selecting the best block cutting machine involves a thorough assessment of your specific needs against the capabilities and support offered by the manufacturer. Hualong Machinery provides a wide range of machines designed to meet the diverse requirements of the stone industry, ensuring quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Buyer's Guide

When venturing into the realm of purchasing a block cutting machine, it is crucial to approach the task with a well-informed mindset. With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to navigate through them all. However, fear not, as Hualong Machinery, a renowned leader in the stone machinery industry, is here to lend a helping hand. We have crafted a comprehensive buyer's guide that is specifically tailored to assist you in making a decision that perfectly aligns with your business objectives. Our aim is to simplify the selection process by providing you with the necessary knowledge to make an educated choice. From evaluating the specific requirements of your stone fabrication projects to comprehending the long-term advantages of different machines, our guide covers it all. By equipping yourself with this valuable information, you will be able to select a block cutting machine that not only enhances your production efficiency but also maintains the highest level of quality.

The guide begins by exploring the significance of machine compatibility with the specific types of stone you plan to work with. It emphasizes the need for different cutting technologies to achieve the best possible outcomes when processing different materials. The guide highlights the importance of assessing the machine's ability to handle various stone types, such as granite, marble, and quartz, among others. Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines are meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched precision and longevity, guaranteeing that your investment will meet the present and future requirements of stone processing.

In addition, the guide provides comprehensive information on crucial factors to take into account when selecting a machine, including its size, power needs, cutting capabilities, and automation options. It emphasizes the importance of choosing a machine that not only fits within the spatial limitations of your workshop but also meets your production volume requirements while minimizing energy usage. Furthermore, the guide offers guidance on the significance of user-friendly interfaces and safety features that improve operational effectiveness and safeguard your employees. With Hualong Machinery, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology that simplifies intricate cutting tasks, supported by reliable after-sales service to optimize machine uptime and productivity.

For businesses seeking to acquire a block cutting machine, Hualong Machinery's Buyer's Guide is an indispensable tool. This guide covers essential aspects like material suitability, machine features, and operational effectiveness, empowering you to make an informed choice. Our dedication to innovation, excellence, and customer assistance guarantees that you receive more than just a machine – you receive a customized solution that addresses your stone processing requirements, establishing the groundwork for continuous expansion and triumph in the competitive stone industry.

Why Should You Choose From Hualong Machinery?

What sets Hualong Machinery apart from its competitors is our unwavering commitment to technological advancement. Our block cutting machines incorporate the latest innovations in stone cutting technology, offering a range of cutting-edge features. These include automated controls, precision cutting systems, and energy-efficient designs. By embracing these advancements, fabricators can achieve unparalleled quality cuts, optimize production times, and reduce operational costs, resulting in enhanced overall business performance. Furthermore, our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale of our machinery. With a comprehensive after-sales support and service network, Hualong Machinery ensures that our clients receive not only exceptional equipment but also the guidance and assistance necessary to fully unlock their machinery's potential. By choosing Hualong Machinery, you are making an investment in a solution that will propel your stone fabrication capabilities into the future. Rest assured, you will be backed by a company that genuinely cares about your success and the craftsmanship of your work.

How To Use A Block Cutting Machine?

To optimize the efficiency and safety of your stone processing operations, it is essential to master the effective utilization of a block cutting machine. Hualong Machinery has specifically designed its models with user efficiency and safety as top priorities. The first step in this process is to comprehend the unique capabilities and features of your Hualong Machinery block cutting machine, as each model is equipped with functionalities that cater to different stone cutting needs. Operators should begin by familiarizing themselves with the comprehensive user manual provided by Hualong Machinery, which offers detailed guidance on setup, operation, and maintenance. Key tasks include securely positioning the stone block on the cutting table, selecting the appropriate cutting blade based on the material being worked on, and adjusting cutting parameters like depth, speed, and angle to achieve the desired results. Hualong Machinery places great importance on safety and ensures that all operators receive training on proper safety protocols, including the use of protective gear and a thorough understanding of the machine's emergency stop features.

To fully maximize the capabilities of a Hualong Machinery block cutting machine, it is crucial to go beyond the basic operation and harness its advanced functionalities. This includes making use of programmable cut sequences and automated material handling features, which not only boost productivity but also enhance precision. By utilizing the machine's precision control systems, operators can achieve exceptional outcomes, executing intricate cuts and patterns while minimizing material waste. To ensure consistent performance and prolong the lifespan of the equipment, regular maintenance and calibration are imperative. Fortunately, Hualong Machinery offers comprehensive support and guidance on how to keep your machine in optimal condition. By following these guidelines and taking advantage of the assistance provided by Hualong Machinery, fabricators can ensure that their block cutting machines operate efficiently, safely, and effectively. This, in turn, contributes to the overall success and growth of their stone processing endeavors.

Care & Maintenance

To guarantee the long-lasting and peak functioning of your Hualong Machinery block cutting machine, it is imperative to provide it with proper care and maintenance. By following the essential guidelines below, operators can uphold the machine's efficiency, minimize downtime, and prolong its lifespan.

Daily Monitoring: Perform regular inspections to detect any indications of deterioration or damage to the cutting blades, belts, and motors. Swiftly resolve any concerns to prevent further damage.

To minimize friction and wear, it is crucial to regularly apply lubrication to all moving components. It is highly recommended to utilize the lubricants specified in the Hualong Machinery manual for optimal results.

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial for the optimal functioning of the machine and its various components. It is important to regularly remove any stone dust or debris that may accumulate and hinder performance. To achieve this, you can utilize either compressed air or a vacuum system, both of which are effective cleaning methods.

To ensure optimal cutting accuracy and prevent excessive wear on the machine, it is crucial to regularly examine and replace cutting blades when necessary. The use of dull blades can result in inefficient performance.

Regularly monitor the water levels and pump function of machines equipped with a water cooling system to ensure optimal blade cooling during operations.

When examining electrical systems, it is important to carefully assess the condition of electrical connections and controls for any indications of wear or damage. Additionally, it is crucial to verify the proper functioning of safety guards and emergency stop features to ensure optimal safety measures.

To maintain precise cutting, it is important to regularly calibrate the machine. Adhere to Hualong Machinery's recommended calibration procedures for optimal results.

To prevent accidents and misuse, it is crucial to provide thorough training to all operators on how to properly use the machine, understand its safety features, and follow the necessary maintenance procedures.

Keep a comprehensive record of all maintenance tasks performed, such as inspections, repairs, and replacements. This log serves as a valuable resource for identifying and resolving future problems, as well as organizing preventive maintenance efforts.

For maintenance guidance, parts substitution, and technical support, rely on the customer support provided by Hualong Machinery. Their extensive knowledge can assist you in optimizing the durability and efficiency of your block cutting machine.

What Our Customers Say?

Within this section, we explore the personal accounts and testimonials from individuals who have incorporated Hualong Machinery's block cutting machines into their stone processing operations. The assortment of customer feedback serves as a testament to the profound impact our equipment has had on businesses worldwide. From boosting production efficiency to achieving unparalleled precision in stone cutting, our machines have exceeded expectations and transformed the operations of our clients. These clients, ranging from small workshops to large-scale stone fabricators, generously share their stories of success, emphasizing the exceptional performance, reliability, and outstanding customer service provided by Hualong Machinery. Their narratives shed light on the diverse applications of our block cutting machines across a wide array of projects, including intricate architectural endeavors, extensive construction projects, and the creation of artistic stone masterpieces. By presenting real-life examples of triumph, this segment aims to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the unrivaled value and top-notch quality that Hualong Machinery offers. Through the voices of our delighted customers, we proudly showcase our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and the cultivation of enduring partnerships within the stone industry.



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Our production capabilities and overall efficiency have undergone a remarkable transformation since we incorporated the Hualong Machinery block cutting machine into our operations. The speed and precision with which we can now carry out stone cutting tasks have significantly reduced our project turnaround times, enabling us to expand our project portfolio and diversify our offerings. The machine's robust design and user-friendly interface have made it an indispensable asset in our workshop. Furthermore, the exceptional after-sales support and maintenance guidance provided by Hualong Machinery have ensured that our machine operates at its peak performance. This investment has not only increased our operational capacity but has also resulted in a noticeable enhancement in the quality of our finished products, leading to heightened customer satisfaction. We wholeheartedly recommend Hualong Machinery to any stone fabricator seeking to elevate their production standards and achieve unprecedented success in their business.

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