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mono cnc bridge saw 5 axis for granite bridge

Elevate your stone cutting experience with the HKNC-500 from Hualong, a state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC stone cutting machine. Expertly crafted to handle a variety of materials including natural and synthetic stones, this machine offers unparalleled precision and versatility. With its advanced 5-axis control, user-friendly touch screen interface, and flexible blade rotation, achieving intricate shapes and perfect chamfers has never been easier. Designed for both ease of transport and efficiency in operation, the HKNC-500 stands as a testament to Hualong's commitment to innovative and high-quality machinery solutions.
  • HKNC-500


| Revolutionizing Stone Cutting: The HKNC-500 5-Axis CNC Stone Machine

HKNC-500 5-axis CNC stone cutting machine is widely used for cutting natural stone ,synthetic stone and ceramics, etc. When in use, the stone can be cut into the desired shape according to different purposes, such as triangle, circle, square, oval and other shapes. It can also cut the edge of the stone and chamfering cutting.HKNC-500 has the characteristics of simple operation, low energy consumption, high machining accuracy and low noise. It is a 5-axis CNC stone cutting machine with simple operation and high cost performance. Well received by domestic and foreign customers.

| Key Features:

  1. Advanced Control: With 5-axis interpolation and an Italian CNC Esa system, the machine provides superior control and precision.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: The 19" color touch screen makes operation straightforward and intuitive.

  3. Flexible Blade Movement: Its blade can rotate between 0° to 360° and tilt up to 90°, allowing chamfering in any direction and at any angle.

  4. Optimized Loading: The working platform tilts up to 85 degrees for easy plate loading.

  5. Efficient Design: The machine's integral structure is container-size compliant for hassle-free transportation and installation.

  6. Versatile Cutting Modes: Supports both manual and automated cutting, offering flexibility for various machining needs.

  7. Optimal Material Utilization: Features manual/automatic nesting to maximize slab surface usage.

  8. Enhanced Functionality: Optional add-ons include a vacuum robot for material handling, a photo board for nesting, and vein matching technology for perfect seam alignment.


 Technical Parameters

Name Unit HKNC-500
Diameter of saw blade mm ø400-ø500
Dimension of working platform mm 3300x2000
Max. cutting length mm 3300
Max. cutting thickness mm 140
Max. lifting stroke mm 250
Max. lifting weight by sunction cups kg 200
Power of main motor kw 26.4
Power of cutter frame reciproctating motor kw 2
Power of crossbeam shifting motor kw 1.1
Power of hydraulic station motor kw 2.2
Power of lifting motor kw 0.85
Gross power kw 16
Water consumption m3/h 2
Gross weight kg 5800
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 5700x3260x2765

| FAQ:

1. What materials can the HKNC-500 machine cut?

A: The HKNC-500 is designed to cut a wide range of materials, including natural stone, synthetic stone, and ceramics, making it versatile for various projects.

2.  Can the HKNC-500 perform complex cutting shapes?

A: Yes, the HKNC-500's 5-axis control and blade rotation capabilities allow it to cut complex shapes like triangles, circles, and ovals. It also offers chamfering cutting for detailed edge work.

3.Is the machine user-friendly for operators with different skill levels?

A: Absolutely. The HKNC-500 features an easy-to-use 19" color touch screen interface, making it accessible for operators of various skill levels. It also supports both manual and automated cutting modes.

4. What are the dimensions and weight of the HKNC-500?

A: The HKNC-500 has a dimension of 5700x3260x2765 mm and weighs approximately 5800 kg. Its size is optimized for container shipping, ensuring ease of transport and installation.

5. Are there any additional features or accessories available for the HKNC-500?

A: Yes, the machine offers several optional features, including a vacuum robot for workpiece handling, a photo board for nesting and defect avoidance, and vein matching technology for perfect seam alignment in projects.


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