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Cnc Stone Sink Cutting Machine

HLNC-1308 polishing machine for granite marble countertop
  • HLNC-1308

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 Product Description

stone countertop cutting machine

Although HLNC-1308 is a low-investment and low-budget CNC granite sink cutting machine, it has powerful functions and can help you cut granite and marble countertops or stone carvings. It is small in size and occupies a small area. Even in a small stone processing workshop, this CNC sink cutting machine can be placed. Overall, HLNC-1308 occupies a small area, requires less investment, and has powerful functions. It is a very cost-effective high countertop quartz stone cutting machine.


 Technical Parameters

Working Area 1300x800x400 mm
Processing Precision 0.003 mm
Reposition Precision 0.003 mm
Command G code
Software Artcam, Type3
Max.Speed 25000 mm/min
Max.Processing Speed
6000 mm/min
Spindle Rotating Speed 0-24000 rpm/min
Power of Water Cooling Spindle 7.5 kw
Working Voltage AC380V/50HZ



Main Features

*high torque brushless motors

*  high precision (ball screws)

* smooth movements of the axes

* user-friendly and fast learning curve

* space saving

* open frame (no-limits for the length of the slab)

* water & air automatic control

Servo Motor & Driver
Auto Lubricating System
Working Bench
Control system -- CNC
Water Cooling Spindle


 Product Video

Cnc Stone Sink Cutting Machine



1. What are the common types of control systems for Hualong's stone machinery and equipment?

A: The control systems of stone machinery and equipment are commonly used in Italy's CNC control system, PLC control system, etc.

2. Is this HLNC-1308 basin hole machine equipment prone to failure?

A: The stone machinery and equipment produced by Hualong meet the requirements of product quality certification. Of course, qualified stone machinery and equipment still need regular maintenance.

3. Is it difficult to install and debug this stone machine?

A: This stone machine is a one-piece structure, which is very easy to install. Transportation is also convenient. Debugging normally takes a few days.

4. What is the processing efficiency of HLNC-1308 sink hole machine?

A: Hualong brand stone machinery equipment has CE certification, which is a high-quality product with high processing efficiency.

5. Is Hualong's after-sales service perfect?

A: The after-sales service of stone machinery equipment is very important to buyers. Hualong Company provides high-quality after-sales service for customer service, and can promptly solve problems encountered in the process of use and provide technical support for customer service. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a Hualong company with perfect after-sales service.


 Company Profile

Hualong Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacture of intelligent production lines for mining stone quarrying machine, multi blade stone cutting machine, 5 axis cnc bridge saw cutting stone and other related stone machinery. After more than 30 years of development, all staff of Hualong Company have been committed to the research, development and manufacture of various stone machinery and equipment. With its innovative technology and excellent quality, it has not only won the recognition of domestic and foreign societies, but also won domestic and foreign buyers. The love and unanimous praise of the family. The stone machinery and equipment produced by Hualong are not only reliable in quality, efficient and easy to operate, but also their performance has reached the advanced level of similar products in the world. With the trend of international intelligentization, Hualong will invest more research and development strength and funds to develop more stone machinery equipment that meets the needs of the industry.

hualong stone machinery



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 Product Packaging

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