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Automatic Stone Line Polishing Machine

  • HLMJX-16W

  • Hualong


 Product Description

Automatic Continuous Stone Polishing Machine

HLMJX-16W is a fully automatic stone line polishing machine with PLC control system, equipped with 16 polishing heads (the number of polishing heads can also be customized according to the needs of customers). HLMJX-16W is a relatively popular Continuous Stone Polishing Machine in the market, especially suitable for batch processing and production of marble and granite slabs. Of course, HLMJX-16W can be equipped with different types of grinding heads to process various natural stone and artificial stone slab.


 Technical Parameters

Model No. Unit HLMJX-16W Name4
Number of grinding head
pc 16 20
Power of spindle motor kw 15 15
Gross power kw
251 311
Useful working width mm 300-2100 300-2100
Useful working thickness mm 10-50 10-50
Speed of belt advance
mm/min 0-3500 0-3500
Water consumption m3/min 25 30
Gross weight kg 28000 32000
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) mm 11800x3090x2350 14000x3090x2350



ain Features

1) Using PLC electrical system and LCD screen menu offer intelligent control.

2) Processing width and working pressure of grinding heads can be adjusted freely .

3) Sensor at the entrance to scan the shape of the slabs in sequence and transmit the signal to controlling unit for precise working

4) Adopting central automatic lubrication system, having all moving parts and bearings to get a good lubricating effect and longer life.

5) Conveyor self-cleaning and stone chip removing system



 Product Video

HLMJX-16W Automatic granite tile Marble Slab Polishing Machine|


1. What kind of stone can be polished by HLMJX-16C?

A: Most natural stones and artificial stones can be polished, such as granite, marble, etc.

2. How many people are required to operate this stone polishing machine?

A: This polishing stone machine is equipped with a PLC control system, which can automatically process plates throughout the process. Usually 1-2 operators are required.

3. How long does it take to learn to operate stone machinery?

A: This opportunity is fully automatic to process stone slabs. One-key operation, no need to learn complicated knowledge. Usually within a few days you can operate the machine proficiently.

4. What do you do?

A: Of course, you can set the processing parameters and polishing speed according to your own needs.

5. How does this stone polisher handle different shapes of slabs?

A: This machine has the function of automatically recognizing the shape of the plate. The grinding head will also automatically adjust the lifting.


 Company Profile

In recent years, Hualong stone machinery chairman Lin Tianhua led the R & D team, hard work, dedicated research, and finally developed a mining saw as a representative of the product. Mine saws not only greatly facilitate the operator, improve the efficiency of cutting, mining, but also the stone industry to make a new contribution to energy saving and environmental protection. Chairman Lin Tianhua is a leader in the innovation and upgrading of stone machinery. For Lin Tianhua, innovation is like a race against time! Afterwards, under the leadership of Chairman Lin Tianhua, natural stone cutting machines, quarry stone block cutting machine for sandstone, wire saw machine for stone cutting quarry, 12 head granite polishing machine, etc. were developed and produced one after another, and are still praised by users in the stone machinery industry.

For the traditional stone mining technology to modern stone mining technology laid the foundation for the stone machinery industry and stone mining industry to improve the level of mechanical automation, environmental protection and energy saving, increase production and efficiency, has a positive role in promoting and significant economic benefits, environmental benefits.

hualong stone machinery



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 Product Packaging

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-1

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-2
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-3

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-4
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-5
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-6


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