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CNC Machine Stone Countertops Processing Center

HLCNC-3319 3 axis cnc stone processing center machine 
  • HLCNC-3319


| Product Description

3 axis countertop cnc machine

HLCNC-3319 is a three-axis CNC stone processing center. It has the functions of milling, edge polishing, engraving and so on. It is suitable for the home decoration industry, stone industry, handicraft industry, etc. For example, the processing of various stone countertops such as kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, cabinet countertops, bar tops, dining tables and window sills. It can also be used for relief carving of stone backdrops, European-style wrapping and other relief carvings. To meet the requirements of customers' personalized home decoration and tooling art design. HLCNC-3319 processing equipment can complete the processing of each process independently, and can also automatically complete the entire processing process according to the needs of customers.

| Technical Parameters

Model Number HLCNC-3015 HLCNC-3319 HLCNC-1308
Stroke (X-axis) mm 3040 3500 1340
Stroke (Y-axis) mm 1540 1950 840
Stroke (Z-axis) mm 320 320 320
Power of motor kw 7.5 7.5 7.5
Rotating speed rpm 0-8000 0-8000 0-24000
Tool holder model BT 40 40 40
Tool-store position nr 12 20 11
Workbench dimension mm 3000x1500 3300x1900 1300x800
Gross Weight kg 4000 5000 2500

| Main Features

1) Powered by numerical control planning and interfaced with our CAD / CAM software, their automatic tools allow for calibration, milling, carving, honing and polishing slabs continuously and automatically in one go.

2) Bilateral tools-store with 20 stations for automatic tool change.

3) Crossbeam and carling adopt Taiwan's Hiwin linear guide to move, which ensure high precision of cutting and long life.

4) X/Y axis with dust colletor,keep machine cleanly,prolong useful-life.

5 )3 axis Yaskawa servo driver,high speed, high efficiency, fine cutting without serrated ripple, smooth bottom plane,clear outline.

6) With vacuum cups and aluminum alloy lock to double holding the working pieces, avoiding even little displacement.

 Control System Brand: ESA
Laser reticule apparatus
Self Lubrication System
Vacuum Pump
Hiwin Linear Guide



| Product Video

CNC Stone Countertop Processing Center



1. What other services can Hualong provide?

A: Hualong can provide you with pre-sales services as well as after-sales services. For example, we can provide online technical support, arrange for an engineer to come to your company to guide the installation and operation of the machine, train your staff for free, etc.

2. How will you ship the machine?

A: Normally we will ship the machine in a container and then by sea. This is because it is cheaper to ship by sea.

3. Can you provide detailed operating and maintenance manuals for this machine?

A: The machines are shipped with a maintenance manual and an operating manual. Just follow the manual for operation and maintenance.

4. Is the cnc stone processing centre easy to operate?

A: Hi, the machine is equipped with an Italian cnc control system with a user-friendly human-machine interface, which makes it very easy to get used to and operate the machine.

| Company Profile

Fujian Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Since its establishment, the company has gradually formed a high-tech enterprise integrating innovative design, production and sales, focusing on stone mining and stone processing machinery and equipment. After years of development, the company has now built and put into operation more than 35,000 square meters of workshops, more than 15,000 square meters of research and development complex buildings, and more than 300 employees. The products currently developed and produced, such as waterjet marble cutting machine, stone cnc router machine, natural stone cutting machine, marble block cutting machine, laterite stone cutting machine, etc., have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and obtained the EU CE certification. The independently developed "Hualong" brand mining machinery and equipment has been identified as a leading product at home and abroad. In the field of stone machinery, Hualong Company focuses on technology, deeply cultivates the industry, expands and innovates, and we are still moving forward steadily without fear of wind and rain, reaching a new level year by year. Hualong casts Chinese famous brands, which are exported to the international market.

hualong stone machinery

| Certifications

CNC Stone Processing Center CE certificate

Full Automatic CNC Stone Processing Center

CNC Bridge Stone Cutting And Milling Machine CE certificate

CNC Bridge Stone Cutting And Milling Machine

Multi-Blade Stone Cutting Machine CE certificate

Multi-Blade Stone Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Bridge Stone Cutting Machine CE certificate

Full Automatic Bridge Stone Cutting Machine

| Product Packaging

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-1

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-2
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-3

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-4
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-5
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-6


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