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Granite Marble Quarry Stone Block Mining Machine

2QYKZ High Speed Automatic quarry stone cutting machines
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 Product Description

granite marble quarry stone block mining machine

2QYKZ is a four-axis four-wheel drive stone quarry cutting machine. It adopts a double main permanent magnet motor with variable frequency and speed regulation, which has the characteristics of reducing power loss. It also has the following features: Equipped with double large blades, four-axis transmission, strong power, high cutting efficiency, it is an ideal tool for mining marble and granite.


 Technical Parameters

Technical Data for 2QYKZ series  stone mining machine
Model No. 2QYKZ-3600A 2QYKZ-3600B
2QYKZ-3600C 2QYKZ-3600D
Blade Diameter
mm 3600
Max. cutting depth
mm 1500
width of cutting mm 1360-1860 1500-2000 2200-2700 2700-3200
Power of main motor kw 66x2
Power of pump motor kw 3.5
Power of stroke motor kw 2.2
Power of rail switch motor kw 0.75x2
Gross Power kw 139.2
Gross Weigth kg 7000-8500
Dimessions (Lx WxH) cm 370x220x270
More Models Blade Diameter Max.Cutting Depth Gross Power
2QYKZ-3800 3800mm
2QYKZ-4200 4200mm 1800mm 151kw
2QYKZ-4600 4600mm 2000mm 167kw



Main Features
1)Equipped with powerfull permanent magnet motors with high speed of 11000 rpm and high reliability.  

2)To regulated the main motors speed by frequency converter, make it possible to adjust cutting speed according to the hardness of the stone cutted.
3)Productivity improved 10% + highter.

4)10-15% ennergy saving than 2QYKT series.

5)Safter, more stable.

Cutting Machine Stone For Quarry
quarry stone cutting machine with blades


 Product Video

Granite Marble Quarry Stone Block Mining Machine


1. Where can I buy stone mining machines?

A: Hello, Hualong Company is a professional stone  equipment supplier. Hualong's reputable suppliers can ensure product quality and after-sales service. Buy a mining machine and find Hualong.

2. How can I choose a stone quarry machine that suits me?

A: When purchasing a stone mining machine, you should consider the type, scale, environment, mining difficulty, etc.  We have professional customer service to answer your questions. Contact our customer service to give you a professional answer.

3. What is the price of this stone mining machine?

A: The price of stone quarry machine depends on many factors, please contact our customer service for more information so that we can give you an accurate quotation.

4. How difficult is the maintenance of the stone mining machine?

A: Operate according to the manufacturer's instructions and perform routine maintenance on a regular basis.


 Company Profile

Fujian Hualong Stone Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Putian City, Fujian Province. The company is committed to the research, development, production and marketing of automated stone machinery and equipment. In China, Hualong products cover many provincial cities, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Guangxi and so on. In foreign countries, Hualong products cover most countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, South Korea, India, Germany, Russia, the Middle East, and central Europe. Hualong Company creates diversified services and high-quality products to serve domestic and foreign customers.
Hualong Company adheres to the core values of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, quality assurance", and has a high-quality, long-term stable R&D technical team and a complete customer service team. The R&D technical team continues to be committed to developing and innovating products related to stone machinery and equipment to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad and solutions in the stone processing industry. The team mission of Hualong Company is to develop high-quality, low-priced products that can immediately meet the needs of domestic and foreign stone processing markets, in order to provide a truly comprehensive and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service.

hualong stone machinery



CNC Stone Processing Center CE certificate

Full Automatic CNC Stone Processing Center

CNC Bridge Stone Cutting And Milling Machine CE certificate

CNC Bridge Stone Cutting And Milling Machine

Multi-Blade Stone Cutting Machine CE certificate

Multi-Blade Stone Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Bridge Stone Cutting Machine CE certificate

Full Automatic Bridge Stone Cutting Machine


 Product Packaging

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-1

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-2
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-3

hualong stone cutting machine packaging-4
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-5
hualong stone cutting machine packaging-6


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