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gang saw

Here's the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw, a cutting-edge block cutting machine designed by Hualong Machinery for the stone industry. This sliding sleeve double link saw is specifically engineered to efficiently saw blocks of marble, limestone, sandstone, and synthetic stone. With its unique lifting system, the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw ensures perfect output while keeping operational costs low. Its reliable functionality, rust resistance, and easy operation make it highly recommended in the industry. Additionally, this durable machine requires minimal maintenance, further enhancing its appeal. As experts in the stone machinery industry, we understand the importance of precision and efficiency, which is why the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw is the ideal choice for your marble block cutting needs. Explore our competitive prices and experience the excellence of Hualong Machinery.
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Here's the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw by Hualong Machinery, a cutting-edge Block Cutting Machine designed to revolutionize the stone industry. With its advanced table lifting feeding mode and frequency conversion drive, this machine ensures efficient and accurate cutting, guaranteeing superior quality and high yield. The static pressure circular guide rail structure provides stability and precision during the reciprocating swing of the saw frame, while the double crank and double connecting rod structure enhances straightness and cutting quality. Safety and durability are prioritized with the exclusive screw rod anti-impact mechanical protection device. Additionally, the energy-efficient design minimizes current fluctuations, extending motor lifespan and saving power. The intelligent control system with a user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and real-time monitoring of equipment status, with fault cause alarms for prompt response. Experience the excellence of the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw, the ultimate solution for cutting block marble. Explore our competitive marble block cutting machine prices today.

Technical Parameters


Model No.



Number of blade




Blade length




Working stroke of blade




Max.cutting size of block




Min.cutting thickness of slab




Cutting feed




Power of main motor




Block trolley size




Gross weight




Dimensions (L x W x H)




Main Features

 1. Adopt table lifting feeding mode for sawing, providing precise and efficient cutting of blocks.

 2. Utilizes a frequency conversion drive for enhanced control and flexibility in operation.

 3. Features a static pressure circular guide rail structure for smooth and accurate reciprocating swing of the saw frame.

 4. Incorporates a double crank and double connecting rod structure for improved stability and cutting performance.

 5. Equipped with an exclusive screw rod anti-impact mechanical protection device, ensuring the safety of the equipment and prolonging its lifespan.

 6. Offers small current fluctuation, resulting in a longer motor life and reduced maintenance requirements.

 7. Boasts low running resistance, making it energy-saving and cost-effective.

 8. The saw frame can be assembled with up to 100 diamond saw blades, allowing for high productivity and efficient cutting of various materials.

 9. Provides high straightness and excellent cutting quality, ensuring a high yield of finished products.

 10. Particularly suitable for use with ultra-thin saw blades and cutting thin plates.

 11. Features an intelligent control system with a user-friendly man-machine interface, enabling easy operation and monitoring of equipment status.

 12. The system also includes fault cause alarm prompts for quick troubleshooting.

Product Advantages

 1. Efficient Cutting: The HLKJ-80 Gang Saw utilizes a table lifting feeding mode with frequency conversion drive, ensuring efficient and precise cutting of blocks.

 2. Sturdy Construction: With a static pressure circular guide rail structure for the reciprocating swing of the saw frame, the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw offers enhanced stability during operation, resulting in reliable performance.

 3. High Precision: Featuring a double crank and double connecting rod structure, this gang saw achieves high straightness, delivering excellent cutting quality and maximizing yield.

 4. Mechanical Protection: The exclusive screw rod anti-impact mechanical protection device enhances the safety and longevity of the HLKJ-80 Gang Saw, providing peace of mind during operation.

 5. Energy Efficiency: With low current fluctuation, this gang saw extends the motor's lifespan and reduces energy consumption, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Product Application

 1. The gang saw, specifically the HLKJ-80 model offered by Hualong Machinery, is extensively used in the marble processing industry for cutting marble blocks into slabs with high precision.

 2. The gang saw is a highly efficient block cutting machine that is designed to handle large marble blocks with ease.

 3. With its advanced technology and robust construction, the gang saw ensures smooth and precise cutting of marble blocks, resulting in high-quality slabs that meet the industry standards.

 4. The gang saw is equipped with multiple blades that work simultaneously, allowing for faster cutting speeds and increased productivity.

 5. Hualong Machinery's gang saw offers excellent performance and reliability, making it a preferred choice for marble processing companies worldwide. 


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