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Cut Stone Blocks Machine

HLQY-32-1700 Block Cutter Machine by Hualong Machinery
Efficiency and Precision in Granite Cutting
  • HLQY-32-1700

  • Hualong Machinery

The HLQY-32-1700 CNC flame cutting machine is a remarkable machine designed to have high precision and long life. With 6 supports for the spindle's movement, this machine is designed to last and ensure consistent lifting and dependable performance. The large crossbeam that is 14.5 times more heavy than it ensures that the machine operates smoothly and securely, producing a sense of confidence and security in its performance.

The crossbeam and carling of the HLQY-32-1700 have been equipped with the Hiwin linear motion technology from Taiwan, which ensures the precision of the cutting process and long lifespan of the component. This technology differentiates the HLQY-32-1700 from other machines that use flame to cut hair by providing a level of expertise that is recognized, and a superior efficiency that is not matched in other machines.

Additionally, the HLQY-32-1700 is equipped with a Siemens electronic control system, this system is intended to provide high stability and high automation, it will ensure ease of use and reliability. The Siemens system is simple to use and provides a powerful means of control over the procedure of flame cutting, this enables the operator to produce quality results consistently.

HLQY-32-1700 CNC flame slicing machine is a highly recommended acquisition for those who want a dependable and efficient machine to cut a variety of materials. The machine's superior technology and creative design makes it essential for those in the cutting industry who appreciate precision, efficiency, and consistency. Select the HLQY-32-1700 CNC flame-scarified machine and experience the most in cutting technology with precision.

Technical Parameters



Max. blade diameter



Power of main motor


75 (6P)

Power of pump motor



Power of stroke motor



Power of vertical motor



Gross Power



Length of cross-beam


8400 / 9860

Main Performance Parameters

Cutting Length


4000 / 5460

Cutting Width




Gross weight


33000 / 35500

Dimension (LxWxH)



Key Features:

Robust Design: With 6 large pillars that support the spindle's movement, the HLQY-32-1700 guarantees consistent and accurate cutting.

Advance Blade Technology: This machine has 32 circular blades, which can efficiently deal with the most difficult granite.

High-quality components: These components are part of the electronic control system of Siemens and the linear guides of Hiwin, this combination guarantees the greatest possible performance and longevity.

Portable Applications: It's ideal for slicing granite blocks into slabs, this machine is portable and capable of handling various stone types and purposes.

Granite Block Cutting Machine Price:

Understanding the market's desire for effective solutions, we make sure the HLQY-32-1700 is price-competitive. For the most recent granite block price list and specific information on pricing, please contact us directly.

Increased Productivity: The HLQY-32-1700 is not alone; it is also a productivity enhancer. It decreases the production time and increases the yield, making it a significant asset to any stone processing company.

Unwavering Robustness:We are committed to the quality and consistency of our machine that cuts block material. It's designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty stone cutting, this will ensure that your investment is long-term.

Customer Support: At Hualong Machinery, we don't simply sell machines; we create bonds. Our full-scale customer support includes technical assistance, training, and after-sales service, which ensures a smooth experience for clients.


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