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Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine

The introduction of the Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting machine, the HLKJ-80 model, from Hualong Machinery. This cutting machine is advanced and designed to precisely cut blocks of marble, limestone, sandstone, and synthetic stone. With its dual-sliding sleeve saw and lifting system, it guarantees the most efficient output while minimizing operational costs. The Diamond Gangsaw is also referred to as a diamond frame Saw, diamond row Saw, or marble frame Saw, it has a dependable function, rust resistance, easy operation, low maintenance, and exceptional durability. As a stone machine expert, we know the value of efficiency and quality in the cutting of blocks. Our machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures the greatest possible performance and longevity. Experience the superiority of Hualong Machinery's Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine, the ultimate in stone cutting technology.
  • HLKJ-80

  • Hualong Machinery

Discovering the HLKJ-80 Square Stone Block Cutter by Hualong Machinery. This cutting machine is advanced and designed to efficiently and accurately cleave stone blocks, producing a superior quality of cutting and a high yield. With its ability to convert frequency and to lift tables in a precise and efficient manner, the machine provides a cutting method that is both efficient and accurate. The static pressure circular guide rail system offers stability and accuracy during the Saw's reciprocating motion, this system increases the straightness and quality of the cut. The dual crank and dual rod structure increases the precision of cutting. Safety and long life are guaranteed with the exclusive anti-impact mechanical protection device with a screw rod. The efficient design reduces the current fluctuations, which extends the life of the motor and saves power. The intelligent system with a user-friendly interface allows for simple operation and immediate monitoring of the equipment's status, with fault-related alerts that allow for immediate response. Experience the superior quality and productivity of the HLKJ-80 Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine.

Technical Parameters


Model No.



Number of blade




Blade length




Working stroke of blade




Max.cutting size of block




Min.cutting thickness of slab




Cutting feed




Power of main motor




Block trolley size




Gross weight




Dimensions (L x W x H)




Main Features

1. Adopting the practice of lifting the table and converting the frequency of the saw to make the stone blocks more efficient and precise.

2. The motion of the saw's frame is reciprocated by the static pressure of the circular guide rail, this ensures a smooth and accurate cutting process.

3. The machine features a dual crank and dual rod structure that enhances stability and accuracy during cut operations.

4. Having a unique rod anti-crush mechanical protection device that enhances safety and protection during cutting activities.

5. The machine has a small amount of current that fluctuates, this results in a longer life of the motor and a more durable overall impression.

6. With its low resistance to running, the machine is energy-saving and power-efficient, which contributes to savings over time.

7. The saw frame of the machine can be combined with as many as 100 diamond blades for versatile cutting options and increased productivity.

8. The straightness of the saw's frame is high, which ensures superior quality cutting and a high yield, all of this is relevant to various stone-cutter applications.

9. particularly beneficial for saw blades that are extremely thin and cutting thin plates, it is ideal for conducting precise cutting activities.

10. The machine features an intelligent control system with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy operation, and provides instantaneous monitoring of the status of equipment. Additionally, it features a fault cause alarm that facilitates efficient resolution of troubles.

Product Advantages

1. Effective Cutting: The HLKJ-80 stone block cutting machine is designed to operate on a table that is lifted by a feed mechanism, this machine's frequency conversion drive ensures that the cutting is efficient and precise.

2. Sturdy Construction: featuring a static pressure circular guide rail system, the saw's reciprocating motion of the frame is augmented, this provides stability during operation.

3. High Precision: With a dual crank and dual rod structure that is identical in both ends, the HLKJ-80 has a high degree of straightness, this results in superior cutting performance and a high yield.

4. Mechanical Protection: The unique anti-impact mechanical protection device that screws in place enhances the safety and longevity of the machine, which is guaranteed to have the greatest possible performance.

5. Energy Efficiency: The HLKJ-80 has a low variation in current, which extends the life of the motor and reduces the cost of energy, making it environmentally friendly and beneficial.

Product Application

 1. The Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine, model HLKJ-80, is intended for the marble industry and is specifically designed to achieve high-precision cutting of marble blocks into slabs.

2. This machine is commonly utilized in the marble industry because of its capacity to efficiently and accurately break large marble blocks into slabs of various thicknesses.

3. The primary purpose of the Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine is to increase productivity and accuracy in the marble processing industry. It guarantees that marble blocks are cut with a high degree of accuracy, which results in slabs that are quality-oriented.

4. With its cutting technology and powerful construction, this machine is capable of handling difficult cutting jobs, which makes it appropriate for cutting the largest marble blocks.

5. The Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine, created by Hualong Machinery, is equipped with cutting-edge features and components that guarantee efficiency, minimal maintenance, and long-lasting performance.

6. This machine is dependable and effective for companies that specialize in marble processing, it will allow them to simplify their production processes and accommodate the demands of their customers for superior marble slabs.

7. The Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine, also known as a block cutting machine, is a crucial device in the marble processing industry that is intended to maximize productivity and produce superior products.

8. Hualong Machinery, a celebrated name in the stone machinery industry, has designed and produced the Quarry Square Stone Block Cutting Machine in order to satisfy the specific requirements of the marble industry, this machine ensures maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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