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Marble Slab Cutting Machine

Marble Slab Cutting Machine, the latest innovation from Hualong Machinery. This cutting-edge machine, model 650J, combines the power of a 5-axis CNC saw and a 5-axis CNC waterjet, making it a versatile and fully automated dual-use machine. With the top-of-the-line Italian CNC control system ESA, precision and efficiency are guaranteed. The CNC saw is perfect for cutting stone slabs, countertops, sinks, and even blade profiling and engraving. Meanwhile, the waterjet cutting head excels in mitering and cutting through various materials, allowing for precision intricate shapes and angles. This machine is ideal for cutting granite, marble, quartz, limestone, and the new rising ceramic material. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your stone cutting capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about the Marble Slab Cutting Machine.
  • HKNC-650J

Marble Slab Cutting Machine

Here's the Hualong Machinery 650j Marble Slab Cutting Machine, equipped with the top-of-the-line CNC system from Esa, originating from Italy. This waterjet cutting machine is designed for precision and efficiency, making complicated machining jobs easy and perfect. With its touch screen interface, setting up and processing becomes a breeze. The machine is powered by YASKAWA's digital servomotor, a reliable controlling power for the X, Y, Z, C, and A axes. The laser reticule apparatus, sourced from China, aids in aligning the cut at the beginning of processing. The high-quality electro-spindles, controlled by an inverter, allow for adjustable revolutions from 0 to 6000 rpm, enabling the use of various tools such as core drills and milling cutters. The machine also features Hiwin's renowned linear guides from Taiwan, ensuring high precision cutting and a long lifespan. For those in search of a stone cutting CNC 5 axis machine, the Hualong Machinery 650j Marble Slab Cutting Machine is the ideal choice. Experience the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship with this CNC stone cutting machine.

Technical Parameters


Diameter of saw blade



Dimension of working platform



X axis stroke



Y axis stroke



Z axis stroke



Max. cutting thickness



Power of saw blade motor



Power for abrasive waterjet



Max. operating water pressure



Water pressure required



Water consumption



Gross weight



Dimensions (L x W x H)



Main Features

cnc cutting stone

 1. 5-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine: Our 650j model is a fully interpolated 5-axis waterjet cutting machine designed specifically for cutting marble slabs. It offers precise and efficient cutting capabilities for large production runs.

 2. Automatic Head Rotation and Abrasive Cutting Head Tilting: The machine features automatic head rotation from 0° to 360°, combined with automatic abrasive cutting head tilting from 0° to 60°. This allows for precise inside-corner fabrication and mitered edge cutting, ensuring high-quality results.

 3. Advanced Control System: Equipped with the Italian CNC Esa system, our marble slab cutting machine offers 5-axis linkage control for seamless operation. The easy-to-use interface with a 19" color touch-screen provides intuitive control and programming options.

 4. High Precision and Efficiency: The machine utilizes a gantry system for Y-axis movement, guaranteeing a perfect square of the bridge. The state-of-the-art transmission on linear ball guide, moved by servo motors through high precision helical gears and racks, ensures absolute precision in movements. This results in efficient and accurate cutting, drilling, milling, and engraving functions.

 5. Versatile and Flexible: Our marble slab cutting machine can implement different complex curved surface processing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It also supports the import and processing of DXF (AutoCAD) files, allowing for easy integration with existing design software. 

Product Advantages

cnc stone cutting

 1. Low investment: The marble slab cutting machine requires a low initial investment, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses in the stone industry.

 2. Double capability: This machine combines the advantages of a CNC bridge saw and a CNC waterjet, providing users with the flexibility to perform both straight cuts and tight angle cuts.

 3. Small room occupied: The compact design of the machine ensures that it occupies minimal space in your workshop, allowing you to maximize the utilization of your available area.

 4. Increased cutting efficiency: The marble slab cutting machine, specifically the 650j model from Hualong Machinery, is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to cut three times faster than conventional bridge saws. This not only saves time but also increases your production capacity.

 5. Cost reduction: By utilizing a CNC saw for straight cuts and switching to a precision waterjet for tight angles, this machine optimizes cutting time and reduces costs. This efficiency improvement can positively impact your bottom line. 

Product Application

 1. Marble Slab Cutting: Our marble slab cutting machine, model 650j, is specifically designed for precision cutting of marble slabs. With advanced waterjet cutting technology, it ensures clean and accurate cuts, allowing for the creation of intricate designs and patterns on marble surfaces.

 2. Bas-Reliefs: Our machine is perfect for creating bas-reliefs on various stone surfaces. The waterjet cutting technology enables precise and detailed carving, bringing out the depth and beauty of the design.

 3. Line Engraving Cutting: The 650j machine is capable of line engraving cutting, allowing for the creation of intricate and precise designs on stone surfaces. This makes it ideal for producing detailed artwork and decorative elements.

 4. Funeral Tablets/Gravestones: Our marble slab cutting machine is widely used in the production of funeral tablets and gravestones. It enables the cutting of customized shapes and designs, ensuring a personalized and dignified tribute to loved ones.

 5. Countertops, Sink Holes, Grooving, Shower Trays: Our machine is highly versatile and can be used for various applications in the stone industry. It is capable of cutting countertops, creating sink holes, grooving stone surfaces, and producing shower trays with precision and efficiency.

 6. Commemorative Plates: The 650j machine is also suitable for the production of commemorative plates. It allows for the engraving of names, dates, and other personalized details, ensuring a lasting tribute for special occasions or events.

 7. Furniture, Fireplace: Our marble slab cutting machine can be utilized in the manufacturing of stone furniture and fireplace components. It enables the cutting of intricate shapes and designs, adding elegance and sophistication to any interior space.

 8. Milestones: Our machine is commonly used in the production of milestones. It can accurately cut stone slabs into desired shapes and sizes, allowing for the creation of durable and visually appealing markers for various purposes.

 By choosing Hualong Machinery's marble slab cutting machine, you can achieve precise and efficient stone cutting for a wide range of applications. With our advanced technology and reliable performance, we ensure that your stone projects are executed with the utmost precision and quality.


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