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5 Axis Cnc Stone Cutting Machine

Here's the 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Machine, model 650J, by Hualong Machinery. This state-of-the-art machine combines the power of a 5-axis CNC saw and a 5-axis CNC waterjet, making it a versatile and efficient tool for cutting various materials such as granite, marble, quartz, limestone, and ceramic. The CNC saw is perfect for precise cutting of stone slabs, countertops, sinks, and even blade profiling and engraving. On the other hand, the waterjet cutting head is ideal for intricate shapes and angles, making it suitable for cutting porcelain, stone, marble, and granite inlay patterns. With the top-notch Italian CNC control system ESA, this fully automated machine guarantees precision and accuracy in every cut. Experience the ultimate cutting solution with the 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Machine from Hualong Machinery.
  • HKNC-650J

5 Axis Cnc Stone Cutting Machine

Here's the 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Machine, model 650j, by Hualong Machinery. This top-of-the-line CNC system, manufactured by Esa in Italy, offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in stone machining. With its user-friendly touch screen interface and automatic processing capabilities, even the most complex machining jobs become easy and perfect. The machine is powered by YASKAWA's high-quality digital servomotors, ensuring reliable control over the X, Y, Z, C, and A axes. The laser reticule apparatus, sourced from China, aids in aligning the cut at the beginning of processing. Equipped with electro-spindles controlled by an inverter, the machine allows for adjustable speeds ranging from 0 to 6000 rpm, accommodating various tools such as blades and diamond tools. The Hiwin linear guide, known for its exceptional quality, guarantees high precision cutting and a long lifespan. Experience the ultimate in stone cutting technology with the 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Machine from Hualong Machinery. 

Technical Parameters


Diameter of saw blade



Dimension of working platform



X axis stroke



Y axis stroke



Z axis stroke



Max. cutting thickness



Power of saw blade motor



Power for abrasive waterjet



Max. operating water pressure



Water pressure required



Water consumption



Gross weight



Dimensions (L x W x H)



Main Features

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Main Features of the 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Machine (Model: 650J) by Hualong Machinery:

 1. Fully Interpolated 5 Axis Capability: The 5-axis CNC stone cutting machine offers automatic head rotation from 0° to 360°, combined with automatic blade tilting from 0° to 90°. This advanced feature allows for precise and efficient cutting, drilling, milling, and engraving operations on complex curved surfaces.

 2. Large Production Runs with Cost Efficiency: The machine's automatic head rotation and blade tilting capabilities make it highly suitable for large production runs. By automating these processes, it helps to contain costs and improve overall efficiency in stone processing operations.

 3. Versatile Functionality: The 5-axis CNC stone cutting machine combines the functions of cutting, drilling, milling, and engraving into a seamless and integrated process. This versatility allows for a wide range of stone processing applications, making it a valuable asset for stone industry professionals.

 4. High Precision and Accuracy: The machine incorporates state-of-the-art transmission technology, including linear ball guides, servo motors, and high precision helical gears and racks. These components ensure absolute precision in movements, resulting in accurate and flawless stone cutting and shaping.

 5. User-Friendly Interface and Advanced Control System: The machine features an easy-to-use interface with a 19" color touch-screen, allowing operators to control and monitor the cutting process with ease. It is equipped with an Italian CNC Esa system, providing 5-axis linkage control for seamless operation and precise machining. 

Product Advantages

Cnc Machine Marble

 1. Low investment: The 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine offers a cost-effective solution for stone cutting, requiring a lower initial investment compared to other machines in the market.

 2. Double capability: With the integration of both CNC bridge saw and CNC waterjet technologies, this machine provides the advantages of both, allowing for versatile cutting options.

 3. Small room occupied: The compact design of the 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine ensures that it occupies minimal space in your workshop, maximizing the utilization of available area.

 4. Increased cutting efficiency: By utilizing a CNC saw for straight cuts and switching to a precision waterjet for tight angles, this machine maximizes cutting time and efficiency, resulting in faster production and reduced costs. 

 5. Enhanced capacity: The powerful sawing station of the 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine enables it to cut three times faster than conventional bridge saws, increasing your overall production capacity. 

Product Application

Product Application:

 1. Bas-reliefs: Our 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine, model 650j, is perfect for creating intricate bas-reliefs on stone surfaces. With its precise cutting capabilities, it can bring out the finest details in your designs.

 2. Line engraving Cutting: The 650j CNC stone cutting machine is equipped with advanced waterjet cutting technology, allowing for precise line engraving on stone surfaces. This feature enables you to create intricate patterns and designs with ease.

 3. Funeral tablets/gravestones: Our 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine is ideal for producing high-quality funeral tablets and gravestones. Its precise cutting and shaping abilities ensure that each piece is crafted with utmost precision and respect.

 4. Milestones: With the 650j CNC stone cutting machine, you can effortlessly create milestones that mark important events or achievements. Its versatility allows for the cutting and engraving of various stone materials, making it suitable for a wide range of milestone designs.

 5. Commemorative plates: Our 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine is capable of producing commemorative plates with intricate designs and precise lettering. Whether it's for honoring a special occasion or commemorating a person's achievements, our machine can deliver exceptional results.

 6. Furniture, Fireplace: The 650j CNC stone cutting machine can also be used to create stunning stone furniture and fireplace designs. Its ability to cut and shape stone with precision allows for the creation of unique and visually appealing pieces.

 7. Countertops, Sink hole, grooving, shower trays: Our 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine is perfect for fabricating stone countertops, sink holes, grooves, and shower trays. Its accurate cutting and shaping capabilities ensure a perfect fit and seamless integration into any space.

By utilizing our 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine, you can achieve remarkable results in various applications such as bas-reliefs, line engraving cutting, funeral tablets/gravestones, milestones, commemorative plates, furniture, fireplaces, countertops, sink holes, grooves, and shower trays. Trust Hualong Machinery for all your stone cutting needs.


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