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Granite Cutting Machine

Here's the Hualong HLSQ-450, a state-of-the-art granite cutting machine designed for precision and efficiency. As a monoblock automatic bridge stone cutting machine, it is equipped with a Siemens PLC controller, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance. With interpolated axes, a +/-270° rotating head, and a fully tilting/rotating table, this machine offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility. It is programmable and capable of cutting slabs of granite, marble, quartz, and other natural or engineered stones to size. The HLSQ-450 is backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind to our valued customers. As a leading player in the stone machinery industry, Hualong Machinery is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Explore the possibilities with our granite cutting machine and experience the difference.
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Here's the HLSQ-450 Granite Cutting Machine by Hualong Machinery. This state-of-the-art slab cutting machine is equipped with top-quality components to ensure perfect cutting accuracy and a long lifespan. The Hiwin Linear Guide, known for its superior quality, is used on the crossbeam (X axis), carling (Y axis), and Z axis, guaranteeing precise cutting results. The Siemens Control System, with its advanced PLC control and touch screen interface, offers powerful functions and intelligent control options, making operation easy and efficient. The machine also features a Laser Reticule Apparatus from China, which aids in aligning the cut at the beginning of processing. The ELCO Incremental Encoder from Germany ensures precise positioning without any deviation. The electric cabinet, equipped with quality electrics from Siemens, Schneider, and Sanch, ensures stable performance. With a convenient remote control for easy movement control and a hydraulic giant for efficient cleaning, the HLSQ-450 Granite Cutting Machine is the perfect choice for professionals in the stone industry. Explore the possibilities of bridge saw cutting with this monoblock bridge saw, ideal for cutting granite and marble. Upgrade your stone cutting capabilities with the HLSQ-450 Granite Cutting Machine from Hualong Machinery.

Granite Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters



Diameter of saw blade


Φ400 - Φ450

Dimension of working platform


3300 x 2000

Power of main motor



Power of tool slide reciprocating motor



Power of crossbeam shifting motor



Power of hydraulic station motor



Power of elevator motor



Gross power



Main Performance Parameters

Max. length of horizontal cutting



Max. thickness of cutting



Max. lifting travel of cutter



Water consumption




Gross weight



Dimension (L x W x H)



Main Features

Main Features of the Granite Cutting Machine (HLSQ-450) by Hualong Machinery:

 1. Monoblock Structure: The granite cutting machine features a monoblock structure, allowing for easy transport and installation without the need for a foundation. This design ensures convenience and flexibility in setting up the machine.

 2. High-Quality Accessories: Our granite cutting machine is equipped with top-notch accessories from renowned brands such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Hiwin. These high-quality components guarantee exceptional performance and durability.

 3. Automatic Head Rotation and Blade Positioning: With the ability to rotate the cutting head at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°, as well as automatically position the blade, our machine offers precise and efficient cutting in various directions.

 4. Automatic Tilt for Chamfering Cutting: The blade of our granite cutting machine can tilt up to 45° automatically, enabling chamfering cutting for enhanced versatility and precision.

 5. One-Button Cross Cutting: Our machine simplifies the cross cutting process by offering an automatic function that allows for repeated cuts with just a push of a button. This feature saves time and effort, enhancing productivity.

 6. Manual Cuts for Simple Machining: In addition to the automatic functions, our granite cutting machine also provides the option for manual cuts, allowing for simple machining operations as per specific requirements.

 7. Rotating and Tilting Worktable: The worktable of our machine can rotate 0-360°, automatically pausing at every 45° or stopping at any desired degree using the remote control. Furthermore, it can tilt 0-85°, facilitating easy loading of slabs.

 These main features make the granite cutting machine (HLSQ-450) by Hualong Machinery an exceptional choice for professionals in the stone industry. With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly design, it ensures efficient and precise cutting of granite and other stone materials.

bridge saw cutting stone machine

Product Advantages

 1. Monoblock Structure: The granite cutting machine, model HLSQ-450, features a monoblock design that allows for easy transportation and installation, eliminating the need for a foundation. This design ensures convenience and efficiency in setting up the machine.

 2. High-Quality Components: Our slab cutting machine incorporates top-quality components from renowned brands such as Siemens and Schneider. With Hiwin linear guides, it guarantees precision and durability, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

 3. Versatile Head Rotation: The HLSQ-450 offers automatic head rotation at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°, providing versatility in cutting angles. Additionally, the machine allows for blade tilting up to 45°, enabling chamfering and further expanding its cutting capabilities.

 4. Efficiency and Precision: With the one-button automatic cross-cutting feature, the granite cutting machine simplifies the cutting process, saving time and effort. It also supports manual cuts for simpler tasks. This combination of automation and manual control ensures both efficiency and precision in various cutting operations.

 5. Enhanced Flexibility: The HLSQ-450 is equipped with a 360° rotating worktable that can automatically pause at 45° increments or stop at any desired degree via remote control. This feature enhances flexibility, allowing for precise positioning and cutting of slabs. Additionally, the tilting worktable, which can tilt up to 85°, makes it easy to load slabs, further improving operational convenience. 

 6. Advanced Control System: Our granite cutting machine utilizes a Siemens PLC control system with a touch screen, offering user-friendly and intelligent control. With various programming methods, operators can easily navigate and operate the machine, ensuring efficient and accurate cutting processes.

 7. Laser Calibration: The incorporation of a laser reticule apparatus in the HLSQ-450 ensures precise alignment at the beginning of the cutting process. This feature guarantees accurate and consistent cuts, minimizing material waste and maximizing productivity.

 8. Position Precision: Equipped with German ELCO incremental encoders, our slab cutting machine ensures precise positioning without deviations. This high level of position precision allows for accurate and consistent cutting results, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding projects.

 9. Reliable Electrics: The HLSQ-450 is equipped with quality electrical components from Siemens, Schneider, and other reputable brands. This ensures stable machine performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

 10. Convenient Remote Control: Our granite cutting machine includes a remote control for convenient movement control of the three axes. This feature allows operators to easily adjust and position the machine, enhancing operational efficiency and ease of use. 

 11. Hydraulic Cleaning: With a hydraulic system, the HLSQ-450 offers efficient cleaning operations. 

Product Application

 1. Ideal for cutting slabs of granite, marble, quartz, and other natural or engineered stones to size, meeting the needs of stone fabricators.

 2. Suitable for architectural projects requiring precise stone cutting, including countertops, wall cladding, and flooring.

 3. Enables carving and shaping stone for monumental sculptures and artistic installations.

 4. Used in construction projects for customized stone pieces, ensuring accuracy and quality in architectural elements.

 5. Allows for intricate and custom stone designs, meeting the demands of bespoke stone applications. 


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