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Bridge Cutting Machine

Discovering the HLSQ-350C Sintered Stone Bridge Saw, a cutting machine for bridges that is cutting-edge by Hualong Machinery. This 4-axis mono-block saw features a controlled rotation of the head, which can be used to easily cut straight and curving lines, profile lines, and shape lines with the blade's shoulder. Designed to cut sintered stone slabs, granite, marble, quartz, and other natural or engineered stone slabs, this machine provides exceptional accuracy and efficiency. With its user-friendly human-machine interface, the module's data input is simple, removing the need for programming. As the leading manufacturer of stone machinery, Hualong Machinery is proud to introduce the HLSQ-350C, the ultimate machine for cutting slabs. Explore our variety of machines that cut marble slabs and feel the superior quality and capabilities that Hualong Machinery is well-known for.
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The HLSQ-350C Bridge Cutting Machine, introduced by Hualong Machinery, is a superior solution to precise stone slab harvesting. This cutting machine is highly advanced and features high quality linear guides that are recirculated by a ball, this ensures that the cut material is accurate and has a longer lifespan. The oil-soaked guide rail for the crossbeams and sidebeams promotes the greatest possible efficiency. The advanced PLC system, which has a user-friendly interface to human-machine interaction that is touch-based, provides intelligent control that facilitates smooth operation. The operator's panel on a swivel arm is accessible easily and allows for simple operation and access. The Laser Reticule Device, originally from China, helps to align the cut at the start of processing, this ensures precise results. With the auto lubricating system, regular servicing is simple, and it reduces waste while also increasing efficiency. For additional ease, the radio frequency wireless remote control that isتياري allows for simple control of the three axes: this control is particularly helpful for moving large items. The electric cabinet is comprised of top brands like Panasonic, Schneider, and Delixi, it guarantees consistent performance with high quality electronics and control components. Experience the superiority of the HLSQ-350C Cutting Machine for Stone slabs, the ultimate choice for stone slab harvesting.

Bridge Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters


Diameter of saw blade



Dimension of working platform



Max. cutting size



Max. mitre cutting size



Cutting head rotation


0 - 360°

Blade tilt


0 - 45°

Mitre cutting direction



Power of main motor



Gross power



Water consumption



Gross Weight



Dimension (L x W x H)



Main Features of the Bridge Cutting Machine (HLSQ-350C) by Hualong Machinery:

 1. Monoblock Structures: Facilitates movement, installation, and eliminates the need for a base.

2. Compact Design: With a small territory that covers 5mx3m, it saves valuable space in your work space.

3. Linear Guide System: This system has a linear guide in the X/Y/Z axis that ensures precise accuracy of cutting.

4. Z-Axis moving: The machine's Z-axis movement is supported by a lead screw, this provides stability and control.

5. Automatic Head Rotation and Bladeposition: Offering a 0°-360° automatic head rotation and blade position for effective cutting actions.

6. Mitre Cut Capability: The machine has a 45 degree blade tilt that is auto-functioned, this allows for precise mitre cuts.

7. Adjustable: The worktable can be tilted between 0 and 85 degrees, this enables the loading of slabs onto the machine.

8. Pre-loaded Parametric Figures: These figures are pre-loaded with parametric figures that are hexagonal, octagonal, or rectangular, all of which have the versatility to be cut with.

marble slab cutting machine

Product Advantages

 1. Versatile Capabilities: The HLSQ-350C machine that cuts bridges has a variety of modes of cutting, including left and right side cuts, chamfer, commonplace, polygonal, trapezoid, rhombus, and more. This versatility allows it to cope with various demands for cutting.

2. Compact Design: The monoblock design and compact size (5 m x 3 m) of the HLSQ-350C causes it to be easy to move and install without the need for a base. This compact design maximizes the space used.

3. Precision Cutting: The utilization of quality linear vectors on the X, Y, and Z axes results in accurate cutting precision. Linear guides provide stability and a long lifespan, these enhancements increase the machine's dependability.

4. Effective Head Roulette: With automatic 0°-360° head rotation and blade placement, the HLSQ-350C allows for precise cutting in different angles. This attribute is particularly beneficial for intricate cuts and transformations.

5. Mitre Cut Capability: The 45° blade tilt function of the HLSQ-350C enables mitre cuts, this function increases the capacity of the HLSQ-350C for various stone shape requirements.

6. Adjustable Worktable: The worktable of the HLSQ-350C can rotate from 0° to 85°, which can facilitate the loading of slabs and improve the operator's convenience.

7. Pre-loaded Paraphrase the text in english: The HLSQ-350C comes with pre-loaded figures that are parametric in nature, such as hexagons, octagons, kitchen tops, trapeziums, and polygons, which are intended to streamline the design and reduce the process of cutting.

8. User-Friendly Control System: The PLC system with a touch screen interface that is human-friendly provides intuitive and intelligent control. It reduces the complexity of data input and operation, eliminating the need for complex programming.

9. Laser Reticule Device: The laser instrument that checks and balances the HLSQ-350C is used to precisely initial the cut, this ensures that the processing is accurate from the first attempt.

10. Easy Maintenance: The automatic oil replenishment and lubrication system of the HLSQ-350C is simple to maintain, it decreases downtime and waste.

11. Optional remote control: The availability of a radio frequency wireless remote control allows you to control the movement of all three of the HLSQ-350C's axes, this enhances the flexibility of operation.

12. Effective Electrical Components: Effective electrical components from brands like Panasonic, Schneider, and Delixi are incorporated into the HLSQ-350C, this guarantees consistent and efficient performance.

Product Application

 1. Efficient Slab Cutting: The bridge cutting machine, specifically designed for stone slab cutting, offers high precision and efficiency in the cutting process. It is capable of cutting various types of stone slabs, including marble, granite, and more.

 2. Versatile Cutting Options: With its cutting modes such as left cooking bench, right cooking bench, chamfer, routine, polygon, trapezoid, rhombus, pull-grid, horse-tripe, ellipse, circle, sector, line-profile, and arc-profile, the bridge cutting machine provides a wide range of cutting options to meet different project requirements.

 3. Precise and Smooth Cuts: Equipped with advanced cutting technology, the bridge cutting machine ensures precise and smooth cuts on stone slabs. It allows for intricate designs and shapes to be achieved with minimal wastage, resulting in high-quality finished products.

 4. Increased Productivity: The bridge cutting machine, like the HLSQ-350C model offered by Hualong Machinery, is designed to enhance productivity in stone processing. Its efficient cutting capabilities and automated features enable faster production cycles, reducing overall project timelines.

 5. Wide Range of Applications: The bridge cutting machine finds extensive applications in the stone industry, catering to the needs of stone fabricators, architectural firms, and construction companies. It is suitable for cutting slabs used in countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and other interior and exterior applications. 

 By incorporating the bridge cutting machine into their operations, stone industry professionals can benefit from its precision, versatility, and increased productivity. Hualong Machinery, a trusted name in the stone machinery industry, offers the HLSQ-350C model, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional cutting results for various stone slab applications.


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