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limestone cutting machine

Here's the Limestone Cutting Machine - a remarkable addition to the Stone Quarry Machinery industry. As the flagship model, the 1400 (HKSS-1400) from Hualong Machinery stands out prominently, offering unparalleled performance in mining operations. This cutting-edge machine effortlessly slices through tough stone materials like sandstone, limestone, and zirconite, transforming them into high-quality block materials essential for the construction sector. With a focus on efficiency, energy-saving, and quality assurance, this product category exemplifies the highest standards of the modern stone processing industry. Our limestone cutting machine, equipped with advanced technology, ensures precision and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for quarry block brick cutting. Hualong Machinery also offers competitive prices for our soft stone quarry machine, laterite stone cutting machine, and quarry stone block cutting machine for sandstone. Experience the pinnacle of stone quarry machinery with Hualong Machinery's limestone cutting machine.
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limestone cutting machine

Here's the 1400 model of the limestone cutting machine, a remarkable addition to our Stone Quarry Machinery collection. This cutting-edge machine, designed by Hualong Machinery, is equipped with advanced components that ensure efficient and precise operations. Featuring a user-friendly Joystick control component, this machine allows easy manipulation of various functions such as machine and spindle movement, as well as blade cover operation. The control system guarantees smooth and accurate adjustments, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime. Powered by the renowned XDDJ Three-phase asynchronous motor, this machine delivers exceptional performance with an impressive efficiency rate of 93.1%. Originating from China, this motor is known for its robust driving force, superior efficiency, and remarkable economic benefits. The Power Connection & Operation Panel, manufactured by Siemens, Schneider, and SANCH, ensures reliable and safe power supply. With CE certification, this panel guarantees top-notch quality and compliance with international standards. The blade of this machine is crafted from Q460c manganese steel, which resists deformation, and undergoes heat treatment to achieve a hardness rating (HR) of up to 52. The cutter heads are made from cemented carbide, providing exceptional durability, wear-resistance, and resistance to heat and corrosion.

 In summary, our limestone cutting machine is a state-of-the-art solution for stone quarry operations. With its advanced features, exceptional performance, and reliable components, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality and efficient quarry block brick cutting machine. Experience the excellence of Hualong Machinery and witness the precision and productivity it brings to your stone cutting processes.

Technical Parameters


Power of Motor










Main Performance Parameters

Moving speed (forward & backward)



Max distance of cylinder lifting



Max cutting depth




Diameter of the vertical



Diameter of the horizontal






Main Features

Main Features of the Hualong Machinery Limestone Cutting Machine (Model 1400):

 1. High Speed: Our limestone cutting machine can cut an estimated 15 sqm/hour, surpassing the wire saw which cuts about 10 sqm/hour.

 2. Low Consumption: With a cost of approximately USD1.00/sqm, our machine offers significant savings compared to the wire saw which costs USD1.5-2.3/sqm.

 3. Quality Assurance: Our limestone cutting machine is manufactured with over 25 years of expertise and patented technology. It strictly conforms to the ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

 4. On-Purchase Service: We offer a wide range of machines to choose from, including the model 1400. Customization options are also available. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

 5. After-Sale Service: We provide quick supply of parts and accessories as per your needs. Troubleshooting support is available through phone, e-mail, or WhatsApp/Wechat. Additionally, we offer installation and operation training for any machine. Our qualified and experienced technicians are also available for overseas support.

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Product Advantages

 1. Outstanding Production Speed: The HKSS-1400 limestone cutting machine, a superior stone quarry machinery, offers remarkable high-speed cutting capabilities, allowing for the cutting of approximately 15 square meters of stone per hour. Compared to traditional diamond wire saws, it provides a significantly higher production speed, greatly enhancing production efficiency.

 2. Low Energy Cost: The cost per square meter of using the HKSS-1400 limestone cutting machine is only 1 USD, well below the cost range of traditional diamond wire saws (1.5-2.3 USD/square meter). This translates to a more economically efficient stone cutting process, saving costs for quarry operations.

 3. Exceptional Quality Assurance: Manufactured by Hualong Machinery, a company with over 25 years of experience and extensive expertise in the stone machinery industry, the HKSS-1400 strictly adheres to ISO9001:2105 quality management system standards. This ensures reliable quality assurance for customers, providing them with a high-quality and durable cutting machine.

 4. Comprehensive Pre-Sales and After-Sales Service: Hualong Machinery offers customers a wide range of machine models and customization options, providing flexibility to meet specific requirements. Professional and experienced technicians are available for pre-sales consultations, assisting customers in choosing the most suitable machine. Additionally, comprehensive after-sales services are provided, including the supply of parts and accessories, troubleshooting support via phone, email, or messaging apps, as well as installation and operation training. Qualified and experienced technicians are also available for international support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

 5. High-Quality Key Components: The HKSS-1400 limestone cutting machine incorporates high-quality key components, such as user-friendly joysticks for easy machine control, efficient three-phase asynchronous motors from the renowned brand XDDJ, branded power connections and operation panels, and blades made from high-hardness Q460c manganese steel and wear-resistant cemented carbide. These components ensure machine stability, durability, and reliable performance, allowing for efficient and precise stone cutting.

 In summary, the HKSS-1400 limestone cutting machine by Hualong Machinery offers outstanding production speed, low energy cost, exceptional quality assurance, comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service, and high-quality key components. With these advantages, it is a reliable and efficient stone quarry machinery for cutting limestone and other soft stones, providing customers with enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Product Application

quarry block brick cutting machine

 1. The HKSS-1400 limestone cutting machine, manufactured by Hualong Machinery, is specifically designed for mining and cutting limestone, sandstone, and laterite for various construction purposes.

 2. This stone quarry machinery is equipped with advanced technology and high-quality components, ensuring efficient and precise cutting of limestone blocks for building projects.

 3. The HKSS-1400 limestone cutting machine is suitable for both small and large-scale quarry operations, providing a cost-effective solution for extracting and processing limestone.

 4. With its robust construction and powerful cutting capabilities, this machine enables the production of high-quality limestone blocks that meet the specific requirements of architects, builders, and contractors.

 5. The quarry block brick cutting machine offers versatility in terms of cutting dimensions, allowing for customization and flexibility in meeting different project needs. 


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