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Granite Profiling Machine

Here's the Granite Profiling Machine by Hualong Machinery, the HSJ-2000. This advanced CNC-controlled machine offers four-axis linkage, allowing for the processing of various stone specifications and complex shapes. With its precise capabilities, it can effortlessly shape circular arc boards, solid and hollow columns, Roman columns, large-scale solid lines, and even intricate letter designs. As a leading player in the stone machinery industry, Hualong Machinery ensures high precision and efficiency in stone shaping. Our Granite Profiling Machine, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is ideal for professionals seeking a reliable and versatile solution. Explore the world of stone shaping with Hualong Machinery's HSJ-2000, a true game-changer in the field of stone shaping machines.
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Here's the Granite Profiling Machine by Hualong Machinery - a cutting-edge solution in the stone shaping industry. Our HSJ-2000 model offers unparalleled precision and efficiency, ensuring that each project meets design specifications with utmost accuracy. With its high-efficiency operation, this machine guarantees faster project completion times, reducing production cycles and costs. Our constant flywheel tension and precise cutting speed deliver consistent quality standards for every processed stone slab. The HLSJ-2000's adjustable cutting speed and diverse machining capabilities make it suitable for various types of stone and project requirements, providing unmatched flexibility. Additionally, this machine excels in fine surface finishing, effortlessly handling complex two-dimensional surfaces, smooth edges, and intricate carving details. Choose the Granite Profiling Machine for unrivaled performance and reliability in the stone processing industry.

Technical Parameters

Technical Data for HLSJ-2000


Diameter of wire



Length of wire



Power of main motor



Main Performance Parameters

Max. processing size


2000 x 2000 x 1500

Cuttting linear speed



Water consumption




Gross weight



Dimensions (L x W x H)


6000 x7000 x 4000

Main Features

 1. Equipped with an advanced CNC system, the granite profiling machine offers an easy and flexible man-machine interface, ensuring efficient operation.

 2. The flywheels tension of the machine is designed to provide a stable and constant stretch mode, resulting in enhanced cutting accuracy for precise stone shaping.

 3. With its capability to process diverse and complex 2-dimensional surfaces, the granite profiling machine allows for the creation of intricate designs and patterns on stone materials.

 4. The cutting speed of the machine is adjustable, allowing for customization according to different requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

 5. The granite profiling machine delivers high efficiency in processing slates, producing exact sizes and smooth margins, providing a sleek finish to the final product.

Product Advantages

 1. Advanced CNC Control System: The HSJ-2000 is equipped with an advanced CNC control system, ensuring easy and flexible operations. This feature provides precise control and enhances overall production efficiency. 

 2. Stable Flywheel Tension: Our machine employs a constant flywheel tension mode, improving cutting accuracy and ensuring consistent quality standards for processed stone materials.

 3. Versatile Surface Machining Capability: The HSJ-2000 can handle a variety of complex two-dimensional surfaces, making it suitable for diverse stone shaping needs. It can efficiently shape circular arc boards, solid columns, Roman columns, and more.

4. Adjustable Cutting Speed: The cutting speed of the HSJ-2000 can be easily adjusted according to the requirements of different projects. This enhances machine flexibility and versatility, allowing for precise and efficient stone shaping. 

 5. High Efficiency and Precision: Our machine operates with high efficiency, ensuring that processed stone slates have precise dimensions and smooth, flattened edges. This is crucial for quality control in the stone shaping industry, providing reliable and accurate results. 

Product Application

 1. The granite profiling machine, HSJ-2000, manufactured by Hualong Machinery, is designed specifically for stone shaping and is widely used in the construction industry for crafting intricate architectural decorative elements such as Roman columns, decorative trim, and carvings.

 2. With its high precision and advanced technology, this stone shaping machine is ideal for processing stone slabs of different specifications and shapes, making it perfect for creating countertops, flooring, walls, and sculptural art pieces.

 3. The HSJ-2000 granite profiling machine is also widely employed in the artistic sculpture industry, allowing craftsmen to create finely detailed stone carvings and sculptures, including letters and complex patterns, with ease and precision.

 4. This machine is highly versatile and can be customized to meet clients' specific design requirements, providing highly personalized stone shaping services for a wide range of projects. Whether it is a unique design or a complex shape, the HSJ-2000 can handle it efficiently.

 5. In addition to its core functionality, the HSJ-2000 granite profiling machine can also be used in conjunction with other stone machinery, such as the CNC wire saw machine for stone or the high precision diamond wire saw machine, to further enhance its capabilities and achieve even more precise and intricate stone shaping results.

 6. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, the HSJ-2000 granite profiling machine has become a preferred choice for professionals in the stone machinery industry.Its ability to deliver high-quality stone shaping results, combined with its durability and efficiency, make it an indispensable tool for any stone processing project. 


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