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Marble Cutting Machine

Announcing the Hualong HLSQ-450 Marble Cutting Machine, a single-blow automatic stone cutting machine with a SiemensPLC controller. This cutting machine has multiple advanced features, including an interlaced axis, a +/-270 degree head, and a tilting/rotating table, all of which are intended to cut slabs of stone, including granite, marble, quartz, and other natural or man-made stones. With its dependable performance and precision, the HLSQ-450 is the ideal tool for your stone cutting endeavors. As the leading manufacturer of stone machinery, Hualong Machinery offers a full guarantee for the machine. Don't be missed out on the opportunity to enhance your abilities to cut stone with the HLSQ-450 Marble Cutting Machine from Hualong Machinery.
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  • Hualong

The introduction of the HLSQ-450 Marble Cutting Machine by Hualong Machinery. This cutting machine with a cutting accuracy of state-of-the-art slabs is equipped with top-quality components that ensure a long lifespan and accurate cutting. The Hiwin Linear Guide, derived from Taiwan, China, is employed on the crossbeam (X axis), carling (Y axis), and Z axis, this guide guarantees the precise cutting of results. The Siemens Control System, featuring a powerfulPLC and a touch screen interface, possesses powerful features and intelligent control options, these include manual programming or remote operation via PC. The machine also features a Laser Reticule Device from China that facilitates the alignment of the cut material at the start of processing. The ELCO Incremental Encoder is a German brand that guarantees the position of a worktable without any deviation from the head's movement or rotation. The electric cabinet is composed of components from Siemens, Schneider, and Sanch, it guarantees consistent performance. The remote control provides a simple means of controlling the three axes: movement is possible in the three directions. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic excavator that is efficient in cleaning.Marble Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters



Diameter of saw blade


Φ400 - Φ450

Dimension of working platform


3300 x 2000

Power of main motor



Power of tool slide reciprocating motor



Power of crossbeam shifting motor



Power of hydraulic station motor



Power of elevator motor



Gross power



Main Performance Parameters

Max. length of horizontal cutting



Max. thickness of cutting



Max. lifting travel of cutter



Water consumption




Gross weight



Dimension (L x W x H)



Main Features of the Marble Cutting Machine:

 1. Monoblock Structure: The HLSQ-450 marble slicing machine has a monoblock design that allows it to be easily moved and installed without the need for a base.

2. High-End Accessories: Our machine is equipped with superior accessories from leading brands like Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Hiwin. This guarantees the greatest degree of performance and longevity.

3. Automatic Head rotation and blade placement: The machine has a 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270° of automatic head rotation, along with exact blade placement. This attribute facilitates efficient and accurate slicing in multiple directions.

4. Automatic Tilt for Chamfering Cutting: The blade of the marble cutting machine can tilt to a maximum of 45 degrees, which enables precise chamfering cuts that enhance the versatility of the machine.

5. One- Button Cross Cutting: With just a simple press of a button, the machine automatically executes cross cutting repeatedly, which makes the process fast and easy.

6. Manual Cuts Allowed: For more simple cuts that require less machine time, the machine also allows for manual cuts, which provides flexibility in the process of cutting.

7. Constant Worktable: The worktable of the HLSQ-450 has a constant rotation of 90°, pausing every 45° and stopping at any desired degree with the remote control. This attribute enables easy slab setup and placement.

8. Tilting Worktable: The table's tilt reaches 85 degrees, which is ideal for loading slabs and having different angles of cutting easily. With these enhanced features, the marble cutting machine from Hualong Machinery provides exceptional performance, precision, and efficiency in all of your stone cutting endeavors.

Slab Cutting Machine

Product Advantages

1. Monoblock Design: The monoblock style of our marble slicing machine promotes easy movement and installation, this style eliminates the need for a base. This attribute benefits efficiency and saves time during installation.

2. High-quality Components: Our machine contains components of superior quality that are derived from leading brands like Siemens and Schneider. With Hiwin's linear guides, it guarantees both precision and long-lasting performance in every cut operation, these features are essential for long-term success.

3. Volatile Head Rotaation: The automatic rotation of the head at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°, as well as the blade's tilting at 45° for chamfering, provides a lot of versatility in regards to cutting angles. This flexibility gives a variety of approaches to cutting possibilities.

4. Efficiency and precisity: Our machine for marble cutting reduces the process of cutting marble to a simple button press. For smaller jobs, it also supports manual slaughter. This amalgamation of automation and human control promotes both efficiency and precision in every cut operation.

5. 360° Rotating Worktable: Our machine's marble cutting table can rotate around 360°, and will automatically pause at 45° angles or stop at any desired degree via remote control. This attribute benefits flexibility and allows for the precise placement of the slabs during the cutting process.

6. Tilting Worktable: With the capacity to tilt as much as 85°, our marble slicing machine facilitates the loading of slabs onto the table. This attribute facilitates the flow of work and increases overall effectiveness.

7. Control System: Our machine for marble cutting employs a SiemensPLC system with a touch screen, this system is user-friendly and intelligent. With different programming approaches, operators can easily setup and alter the parameters of cutting in order to achieve the most effective results.

8. Laser Calibration: The addition of a laser-based reticule system to our marble cutting machine guarantees the correct alignment of the machine's components at the start of the cutting process. This attribute provides accuracy and reduces deviation, which results in superior cuts.

9. Precision ofposition: Our marble cutting machine has German ELCO incremental encoders, these encoders ensure that the position is accurate without jitter. This degree of precision is essential to obtaining consistent and accurate cuts.

10. Reliable Electric: Our marble cutting machine is comprised of high quality electrical components derived from Siemens, Schneider, and other recognized brands. This promotes consistent machine efficiency, minimizing standstill and maximizing productivity.

11. Easy to Control: The addition of a remote control allows for a simple control of the three-axis motion of our marble cutting machine. This attribute benefits the operator by providing them with more convenience and improving the efficiency of their work.

12. Hydroelectric Cleaning: Our marble slicing machine has a hydroelectric system that is efficient in cleaning operations. This facilitates easy management and increases the lifespan of the machine.



Product Application 

1. Ideal for slicing marble, granite, and other natural or man-made stones into smaller sized pieces, which meet the demands of stone craftsmen.

2. Utilized in projects that require precise stone division, including countertops, wall decors, and flooring.

3. Adept at carving and modifying stone for large sculptures and artistic endeavors.

4. Utilized in projects that require custom stone components, this method guarantees the accuracy and quality of architectural components.

5. Allowed intricate and unique stone configurations, which meet the demands of specific stone applications.


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