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Line Polish Machines Granit Marble

Here's the HLMJX-16W, an advanced automatic stone finishing machine designed for efficient and continuous honing and polishing of marble slabs. With its 16 polishing heads, this machine is ideal for mass production, making it highly popular in the market. The HLMJX-16W, manufactured by Hualong Machinery, is not limited to marble slabs alone. It can also achieve unmatched finishes on granite, quartz, and other natural or artificial stone, thanks to its compatibility with different types of grinder heads. This automatic stone polishing machine is perfect for those in the stone machinery industry seeking high productivity and exceptional results. Explore the possibilities with the HLMJX-16W, the ultimate solution for line polishing machines for granite and marble.
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Here's the HLMJX-16W Stone Polishing Machine by Hualong Machinery, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient stone processing. This advanced machine combines intelligent control technology with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to achieve precise operation. With its PLC electrical system and LCD screen menu, the HLMJX-16W offers a seamless and intuitive control experience. One of the standout features of this machine is its flexibility in work parameter adjustment. The grinding head working width and pressure can be easily adjusted, allowing for tailored polishing of different stone materials. This ensures that each stone slab receives the optimal treatment for a flawless finish. The HLMJX-16W takes precision work to the next level with its sensor at the entrance. This sensor scans stone slab shapes, enabling precise and consistent stone processing, resulting in high-quality and uniform results. To enhance reliability and longevity, this machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. The central lubrication system ensures that all machine components and bearings are well-lubricated, minimizing wear and tear and maximizing performance. Maintaining a clean and safe production environment is crucial, which is why the HLMJX-16W comes with a self-cleaning and stone chip removal system. This system effectively removes stone chips, reducing impurities and contamination during the manufacturing process. In summary, the HLMJX-16W Stone Polishing Machine is a cutting-edge solution for the stone industry. With its intelligent control system, flexible work parameter adjustment, precision work capabilities, automatic lubrication system, and self-cleaning mechanisms, it guarantees exceptional results and a seamless production process. Upgrade your stone processing operations with the HLMJX-16W by Hualong Machinery.

Line Polish Machines Granit Marble

Technical Parameters


Model No.




HLMJX-20   /  24

Quantity of grinding head (pc)




20       /      24

Power of spindle motor (kw)





Gross power  (kw)




168     /     198

Useful working width (mm)





Processable thickness (mm)





Speed of belt advance (m/min)





Water consumption (m3/min)




23       /       25

Gross weight  (kg)




18000   /  21000

Demension (L x W x H  - cm)





Main Features

 1. PLC electrical system and LCD screen menu offer intelligent control for precise and efficient operation.

 2. Adjustable processing width and working pressure of grinding heads allow for flexibility in achieving desired results.

 3. Sensor at the entrance scans the shape of slabs in sequence, providing accurate information to the controlling unit for precise working.

 4. Central automatic lubrication system ensures all moving parts and bearings are well lubricated, resulting in longer machine life.

 5. Conveyor self-cleaning and stone chip removing system enhances productivity and maintains a clean working environment.

automatic polishing machine for granite

Product Advantages

Product Advantages:

 1. Intelligent Control System: The HLMJX-16W line polish machine granite marble is equipped with an advanced PLC electrical system and an LCD screen menu, providing intelligent control for ease of operation and enhanced efficiency. 

 2. Flexible Work Parameters: The HLMJX-16W allows for the flexible adjustment of grinding head working width and pressure, catering to the specific processing needs of various types of stone, enhancing machine versatility. 

 3. Precision Work: With a sensor at the entrance that scans the shape of stone slabs in sequence, the HLMJX-16W ensures precise and consistent stone processing by transmitting signals to the control unit.

 4. Automatic Lubrication System: The HLMJX-16W features a central automatic lubrication system that ensures all moving parts and bearings are well-lubricated, prolonging the machine's lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements.

 5. Self-Cleaning and Stone Chip Removal System: The HLMJX-16W incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism along with a system for removing stone chips, maintaining a clean working area and reducing the manual cleaning effort. 

 6. Enhanced Versatility: The HLMJX-16W's flexible work parameters and intelligent control system make it suitable for various stone processing needs, including granite line polishing.

 7. Increased Efficiency: The HLMJX-16W's intelligent control system and precise stone processing capabilities contribute to enhanced efficiency, saving time and resources.

 8. Reliable and Durable: With its automatic lubrication system and self-cleaning mechanism, the HLMJX-16W is designed for long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

 9. User-Friendly Operation: The HLMJX-16W's intelligent control system and LCD screen menu make it easy to operate, even for users with limited experience in stone machinery.

 Hualong Machinery: As a trusted name in the stone machinery industry, Hualong Machinery ensures the quality and reliability of the HLMJX-16W line polish machine granite marble, providing customers with a dependable solution for their stone processing needs.


Product Application

Product Application:

 1. The Hualong Machinery HLMJX-16W Stone Polishing Machine is specifically designed for line polishing of granite and marble slabs, providing a high-quality polished finish.

 2. This automatic stone polishing machine is equipped with various grinding heads, allowing it to effectively process different types of stones, including quartz, granite, and other natural or artificial stones.

 3. With its high degree of automation and efficiency, the HLMJX-16W is ideal for mass production, meeting the demands for polished stone products in bulk.

 4. The machine's continuous honing and polishing capabilities ensure consistent and exceptional polishing results, making it suitable for large-scale production.

 The Hualong Machinery HLMJX-16W Stone Polishing Machine offers a reliable and efficient solution for businesses in the stone industry, providing high production efficiency and a high-quality polished finish for marble, granite, and other stone materials.



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