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automatic granite polishing machine

The introduction of the automatic Granite Polishing machine by Hualong Machinery, the HLDM-1800. This single head machine for polishing stone heads is intended for use with granite and marble. With its planned construction, consistent motion, and high fidelity, it guarantees effective and accurate polishing results. The HLDM-1800 has a simple installation and is maintenance-free, which makes it a popular choice for businesses that process stone. Its proficient features and user-friendly design are ideal for both small and large operations. Experience the benefits of this automatic stone polishing machine, which ensures maximum efficiency and superior results when polishing. Trust the Hualong machinery for all of your stone machinery requirements.
  • HLDM-1800


The HLDM-1800 automatic granite polishing machine was released by Hualong Machinery. This cutting-edge machine for stone polishing is built to provide stability and accuracy, it is therefore ideal for large scale projects that require stone polishing. With its advanced computer system, the HLDM-1800 is capable of achieving high-precision polishing, which results in consistent performance across each stone piece. Users can easily change the parameters of polishing to match the specific requirements of different types of stone, this will lead to the greatest degree of polishing results. The automated operation of this machine increases efficiency in production and reduces the need for manual intervention, this enables an uninterrupted flow of work. Also, the HLDM-1800 is relatively simple to maintain, minimizing stoppage time and ensuring constant production. Experience the power of the machine with the HLDM-1800 automatic granite polishing machine from Hualong Machinery.

automatic granite polishing machine

Technical Parameters



Power of main motor



Working platform dimensions


3200 x 2000

Air pressure required


0.3 - 0.5

Main Performance Parameters

Max. processing dimensions


3200 x 3200 x 60

Working platform tilting degree


R.P.M. of polishing head



X axis feeding speed



Y axis feeding speed



Air consumption


0.15 - 0.3

Water consumption




Gross weight



Dimension (L x W x H)


6000 x 5000 x 2800

Main Features of the Automatic Granite Polishing Machine:

1. Effective polish: The HLDM-1800 automatic stone polishing machine is built to provide effective polishing of stone and marble surfaces. With its advanced technology and superior accuracy, it guarantees a smooth and glossy finish on the stone.

2. Rational Construction: The machine's design is rational, which enables consistent movement during the polishing process. This promotes stability and consistency, which results in a high quality and consistent polishing process.

3. Easy to install and maintain: The HLDM-1800 is intended for ease of installation and maintenance. Its user-friendly attributes facilitate the operator's installation and management of the machine, this decreases downtime and increases productivity.

4. Single Head Design: With a single head design, this machine provides a focused and accurate polishing action. It facilitates the targeted refining of stone's specific areas, this ensures the greatest possible results and minimizes waste.

5. atile Use: The HLDM-1800 is not confined to the use of granite as a polish. It can also be employed to polish marble, which makes it a versatile machine that is appropriate for various stone polishing endeavors.

Product Advantages

1. Rational Construction: The HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine, created by Hualong Machinery, has a well-thought-out design that promotes stability and performance, this machine is responsible for the efficient polishing process.

2. Smooth Movation: This automatic stone polishing machine has a consistent and accurate motion during operation that ensures uniform surface polishing. It effectively corrects uneven areas and imperfections, which results in a flawless outcome.

3. High Accuracy: The HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine has a high degree of precision that is associated with it, which is designed to achieve the highest standards of quality. It guarantees the smoothness and gloss of the stone's surface, providing a professional and attractive appearance.

4. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Hualong Machinery has attempted to design this machine with a user-friendly configuration and maintenance. By reducing the complexity of operational and maintenance, it increases the efficiency of production, saves time and resources.

5. Increased Productivity: The automatic stone polishing machine, with advanced technology, enables efficient and continuous polishing of stone surfaces like granite, marble, and other materials. This increases productivity greatly, and enables a quicker project completion and higher yield.

6. atile Use: The HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine is not confined to the granite surface. This also serves as a stone polisher for marble slabs and other stone materials. Its versatility makes it a significant asset in the stone industry.

7. Precision Control: The automatic machine used by Hualong Machinery to polish granite is characterized by a precise control over the process. With variable settings and parameters, users can produce the desired amount of smoothness and gloss on different stone surfaces.

8. Robustness and long life: The HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine is built with superior materials and components, it ensures long life and sustainability. It's intended to withstand the harsh conditions of the stone industry, providing consistent performance over time.

9. Energy Efficiency: Hualong Machinery has incorporated energy-saving features into the automatic granite polishing machine, this machine reduces power consumption while still maintaining its effectiveness. This not only has the effect of saving money, but also promotes environmental sustainability.

10. Industry-leading Technology: The HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine incorporates the most recent advances in stone polishing technology. With Hualong Machinery's devotion to innovation, customers can take advantage of the most advanced and efficient polishing solutions in the market.

Product Application

 1. The automatic stone polishing machine, HLDM-1800, is intended for the polishing of stone surfaces in order to enhance their beauty and radiance. It's appropriate for various purposes in the construction industry, including the enhancement of granite countertops, floors, and walls.

2. This machine, which has advanced technology, is also capable of polishing other stone types, such as marble, this will produce a mirror-like smoothness. It is appropriate for use in the sculpture, home decor, and other stone-based endeavors.

3. With its automatic capabilities, the HLDM-1800 is a popular choice for stone professionals. It can effectively polish large granite slabs, which are ideal for use in stone processing facilities or workshops.

4. The singular head granite polish machine attribute of the HLDM-1800 enables precise and controlled polishing, which results in consistent outcomes and reduces the risk of stone surface damage. This promotes its popularity as a stone craftsman's and artist's preferred choice.

5. The automated nature of the HLDM-1800 marble polishing machine enables efficiency and convenience in the process of polishing marble. It's appropriate for the polishing of marble slabs employed in high-end design projects, such as hotels, buildings, and properties.


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