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small stone engraving machine for tombstone

Here's the HLSD-2030-2D, a small stone engraving machine for tombstones, brought to you by Hualong Machinery. This reliable and versatile machine is equipped with a CNC control system and two working heads, making it perfect for engraving, drilling, lettering, and cutting all kinds of stones such as marble, granite, quartize, sandstone, or artificial stone. It can also be used in the die industry for copper sculpture, aluminum engraving, metal molds, plastic sheeting, PVC, and more. With its advanced technology and precision, this stone engraving machine ensures high-quality results. Whether you are in the market for a marble engraving machine, looking for a stone engraving machine for sale, or interested in the stone engraving machine price in India or Pakistan, the HLSD-2030-2D is the ideal choice. Trust Hualong Machinery for all your stone machinery needs.
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small stone engraving machine for tombstone

Here's the HLSD-2030-2D, a small stone engraving machine for tombstones, brought to you by Hualong Machinery. This high-quality stone engraving machine is equipped with the advanced NcStudio CNC system, allowing for easy operation and maintenance with its keyboard operation and large screen display. The water-cooling spindle, with customizable power options ranging from 3.5 to 5.5 kW, ensures low noise, fast response, and high rotational speed for stable and efficient long-term work. The machine features high-quality guide rails, ball screws, and racks from Taiwan, China, providing smooth motion and precise control for superior engraving results. With the option to customize the number of heads, the HLSD-2030-2D offers flexibility to meet your specific needs. The hand wheel allows for convenient remote or close control of the working heads, making it easy to position the original processing point. Experience the excellence of the HLSD-2030-2D stone engraving machine, perfect for tombstone engraving projects. Explore our range of stone engraving machines at competitive prices.

Technical Parameters


Model No.





Workbench dimension





Number of working head

2 pcs

Gantry height

450 mm

Feeding height

≤ 400 mm(customizable)

Spindle power

3.7 /4.5 / 5.5 kw (customizable)

Spindle rotating speed

6000-24000 rpm/min

Max. moving speed

30000 mm/min

Diameter of engraving tool

ø1-16 mm

Positioning precision

+/- 0.03 mm

Repeat positioning accuracy

+/- 0.02 mm

Command code

G code

Driving system

Step / Hybrid servo / Servo (customiable)

Cooling system

Water cooling

Gross power

15 kw

Gross weight

2200 kgs

Dimensions (L x W x H)



Main Features

Main Features of the Small Stone Engraving Machine for Tombstone:

 1. Adopt NcStudio CNC control system with a large color screen display, ensuring easy and simple operation.

 2. Break to resume function allows the machine to continue carving from the break point after power resuming from failure, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

 3. Compatible with Artcam JD Paint CAM software and other software programs, providing flexibility and convenience in design and carving.

 4. High-performance new material motors and drivers that can resist heat, shock, and bad environment, ensuring high speed and accuracy in stone engraving.

 5. Professional vector control inverter guarantees a variety of working speeds, smooth operation, and lower power consumption.

 6. Aircraft-quality surface oxidized aluminum profile table, reinforced with a thicken PVC board, enhances the loading capacity of the platform for stable and reliable engraving.

 7. Steel tube lathe bed with a low center of gravity, providing strong bearing capacity and ensuring a stable and long working life for the machine. Product Title: Small Stone Engraving Machine for Tombstone 

marble engraving machine

Product Advantages

 1. Versatile CNC Control: The HLSD-2030-2D small stone engraving machine for tombstone is equipped with an NcStudio CNC control system, providing precision and flexibility in stone engraving tasks.

 2. Resumption Capability: The "Break to Resume" function allows the machine to continue carving from the point where it left off after a power interruption or failure, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient work processes.

 3. Software Compatibility: Compatible with various software programs, including Artcam JD Paint CAM software, the machine offers users the freedom to choose the software that best suits their needs and expertise.

 4. High-Performance Motors and Drivers: The HLSD-2030-2D machine features high-performance motors and drivers designed to resist heat, shock, and harsh working environments, delivering reliable high-speed and accurate performance for top-notch results.

 5. Energy Efficiency: The professional vector control inverter not only provides variable working speeds but also contributes to smooth operation while reducing power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

 6. Sturdy Construction: The aircraft-quality oxidized aluminum profile table with a reinforced PVC board enhances the platform loading capacity, ensuring durability and stability.

 7. Robust Lathe Bed: The steel tube lathe bed provides a low center of gravity, offering strong bearing capacity, stability, and an extended working life, essential for consistent and long-term performance.

 8. Customizable Configuration: The HLSD-2030-2D machine is available with different quantities of working heads, allowing users to tailor the equipment to their specific needs and production requirements.

 9. Precise Control: High-quality guide rails, ball screws, and racks on all axes (X, Y, and Z) ensure smooth and tight control, resulting in precise and high-quality engraving.

 10. Convenient Operation: The addition of a handwheel for remote or close control of the working heads simplifies the positioning of the original processing point, enhancing overall convenience and efficiency. 

Product Application

 1. Bas-reliefs: Our small stone engraving machine for tombstones, model HLSD-2030-2D, is perfect for creating intricate bas-reliefs on various types of stones. With its precise cutting and engraving capabilities, it allows for the detailed and intricate designs often found in bas-reliefs.

 2. Line engraving Cutting: The HLSD-2030-2D stone engraving machine is also ideal for line engraving cutting. Whether it's creating fine lines or bold cuts, this machine provides the accuracy and control needed to achieve professional results.

 3. Funeral tablets/gravestones: Our stone engraving machine is specifically designed for engraving funeral tablets and gravestones. It allows for the customization of these memorial pieces, ensuring that each one is unique and personalized.

 4. Milestones: The HLSD-2030-2D machine can also be used to engrave milestones. Whether it's marking important dates or milestones in a person's life or commemorating historical events, our machine provides the precision and efficiency needed for such projects.

 5. Commemorative plates: Our small stone engraving machine is perfect for creating commemorative plates. Whether it's honoring a special occasion, recognizing achievements, or memorializing individuals, this machine can engrave intricate designs and text onto stone plates.

 6. Furniture, Fireplace: In addition to engraving tombstones and memorial pieces, our stone engraving machine can also be used for creating custom designs on furniture and fireplace surrounds. It allows for the personalization and customization of these pieces, adding a unique touch to any space.

 7. Countertops, Sink hole, grooving, shower trays: The HLSD-2030-2D machine is versatile and can also be used for various stone applications such as countertops, sink holes, grooving, and shower trays. It provides precise cutting and engraving capabilities, ensuring a perfect fit and finish for these stone elements. 


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