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Water Jet Cutting Machine

Here's the HLRC-4020 Waterjet Cutting Machine by Hualong Machinery, a cutting-edge industrial tool designed to deliver high precision and versatility. This 5-axis waterjet cutter utilizes a powerful jet of water and garnet abrasive to erode a narrow line in various materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, marble, granite, ceramic, glass, rubber, and foam. With a cutting accuracy of +0.1mm for line cutting and +0.1° for angle cutting, this machine ensures exceptional precision. It can effortlessly cut bevel, straight, conical, circular, rotating surfaces, grooves, chamfers, and arbitrary shapes. Overcoming the traditional problem of water cutting inclination, this machine can cut any angle within +60°, making 2D/3D cutting a breeze. Experience the efficiency and reliability of the HLRC-4020 Waterjet Cutting Machine, the ultimate solution for all your cutting needs.
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Water Jet Cutting Machine

Here's the Waterjet Cutting Machine by Hualong Machinery, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient stone cutting. With our state-of-the-art technology, this machine is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability in the stone machinery industry. Equipped with an imported high-pressure pump, our Waterjet Cutting Machine ensures a safe and continuous water output, allowing for the conversion into a supersonic water jet at the cutting head. With a maximum output pressure of up to 4137bar (60000psi) and sustainable cutting pressure of up to 380MPa, this machine guarantees precise and efficient cutting results. The Auto Abrasive Delivery System efficiently transfers the abrasive to the abrasive regulator, while the air valve prevents jams and breakages. The machine also features an auto control with CNC auxiliary function and self-sealing capability for easy flow adjustment. To ensure the hydraulic system's optimal performance, our Waterjet Cutting Machine is equipped with an industrial air-cooled chiller, which not only cools the system but also saves water. The Movable Operator Station comes equipped with the NcStudio V10 Waterjet cutting CNC system, providing compatibility with various file formats generated by CAD/CAM software. Additionally, the optional Remote Control allows for convenient operation of the machine's movement. Experience the precision and efficiency of the Waterjet Cutting Machine by Hualong Machinery. Perfect for cutting marble and other materials, this machine offers superior performance and reliability. Upgrade your stone cutting capabilities with our advanced technology.

Technical Parameters


Model No.



Working area




X-axis stroke




Y-axis stroke




Z-axis stroke




Max. angle of C axis rotation


+/- 360

+/- 360

Max. anglel of A axis swing


+/- 60

+/- 60

Cutting accuracy


+/- 0.1

+/- 0.1

Repeatablbe accuracy


+/- 0.05

+/- 0.05

Traverse speed




Main motor power




Dimensions (L x W x H)




Main Features

Main Features of the Waterjet Cutting Machine:

 1. Processable any curve cutting: Our waterjet cutting machine is capable of cutting any curve with precision and accuracy, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in the stone industry.

 2. Fast and smooth notch: The waterjet cutting process ensures a fast and smooth notch without any dust, thermal deformation, or pollution. This results in clean and high-quality cuts on various stone materials.

 3. Narrow kerf: The water jet stream removes a minimal amount of material, typically about 0.5-1.0 mm wide. This narrow kerf optimizes material use, increasing cost-effectiveness and minimizing waste.

 4. Cut Recovery: Our waterjet cutting machine allows for easy cut recovery, enabling you to pick back up where the jet stopped. This feature saves time and ensures efficient cutting operations.

 5. Programmable Z axis height: The Z axis of our waterjet cutting machine is programmable, allowing for precise control of the cutting height. It retracts between pierces, ensuring accurate and consistent cuts.

 6. High-performance drive system: Our waterjet cutting machine is equipped with a high-performance drive system, including servo motors, linear sledge and vehicles, and helical rack and pinions. This system enables rapid and smooth axial movement, resulting in high-precision production and processing speed.

 7. Sealed driver system: The driver system of our waterjet cutting machine is sealed against water, dust, and grit. This ensures a long working life and reliable performance even in challenging working environments.

 These main features make our waterjet cutting machine a versatile and efficient tool for the stone industry. With its advanced technology and precision cutting capabilities, it is an ideal choice for cutting marble, stone, and other materials.

Product Advantages

Product Advantages:

 1. Versatile Cutting: The waterjet cutting machine excels in processing various materials, including stone, marble, and granite, with high precision and flexibility.

 2. Clean and Precise Cuts: The waterjet cutting machine delivers fast and smooth notches without producing dust, heat deformation, or pollution, ensuring a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish on stone surfaces.

 3. Minimal Material Waste: With a narrow kerf width of typically 0.5-1.0 mm, the waterjet cutting machine optimizes material usage, increasing cost-effectiveness, which is particularly valuable when working with expensive stone materials.

 4. Cut Recovery: The waterjet cutting machine offers the capability to pick up cutting from where it stopped, reducing material wastage and increasing efficiency.

 5. Programmable Z-Axis: The waterjet cutting machine allows for programming the Z-axis height and retracting it between pierces, enhancing cutting precision and efficiency.

 6. High-Precision Drive System: Utilizing servo motors, linear guides, and helical rack and pinions, the waterjet cutting machine provides rapid and smooth axial movement, ensuring accuracy in intricate stone cutting tasks.

 7. Durable and Sealed Design: The waterjet cutting machine's drive system is sealed against water, dust, and grit, ensuring a long working life even in challenging stone-cutting environments.

 These advantages make the Hualong Machinery 4020 waterjet cutting machine an excellent choice for professionals in the stone industry. With its versatility, precision, and efficiency, it offers a cost-effective solution for cutting stone materials with minimal waste and a clean finish.

Product Application

machine cut marble with water

Product Application:

 1. Waterjet Cutting Machine: Our waterjet cutting machine, model 4020, is specifically designed for cutting stone materials such as marble, granite, and limestone with high precision. It is ideal for various applications in the stone industry.

 2. Marble Cutting: Our waterjet cutting machine enables efficient and precise cutting of marble, allowing for the creation of intricate designs, straight edges, and bevels on marble surfaces. It is widely used in the production of marble tiles, slabs, and custom stone work.

 3. Monument and Sculpture Fabrication: With the use of our waterjet cutting machine, stone craftsmen can easily craft intricate details and shapes in stone monuments, sculptures, and architectural features. The machine ensures the accuracy and precision required for creating stunning stone artwork.

 4. Inlays and Mosaics: Our waterjet cutting machine allows for the creation of intricate stone inlays and mosaics. It enables artists and designers to enhance the aesthetics of various surfaces, including floors, walls, and countertops, with beautiful and detailed stone designs.

 5. Architectural Design: Architects and interior designers can utilize our waterjet-cut stone elements to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their projects. The machine can be used for decorative facades, flooring, and interior design, providing endless possibilities for architectural creativity.

 6. Custom Stone Work: Our waterjet cutting machine offers the flexibility to create personalized designs in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other stone products. It enables precise and intricate cuts, allowing customers to have unique and customized stone pieces for their spaces. 

 7. Artistic Stone Creations: Artists and craftsmen can bring their creative visions to life with our waterjet cutting machine. It provides the precision and versatility required for stone art and design, allowing artists to explore various shapes, patterns, and textures in their creations.

By choosing Hualong Machinery's waterjet cutting machine, you can unlock a wide range of applications in the stone industry, from cutting marble and creating intricate designs to fabricating monuments and sculptures. Our machine offers the precision, efficiency, and versatility needed to meet the demands of various stone-related projects.


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