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Cnc Waterjet Cutting Marble Machine

The HLRC-4020 CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine by Hualong Machinery represents a breakthrough in stone cutting technology. Expertly engineered to cut a variety of materials including marble, granite, and metals, this machine boasts a high-pressure water jet combined with abrasive materials for precise and intricate cutting. Its 5-axis system and narrow kerf design ensure minimal material waste and optimal utilization. Ideal for both artistic and industrial applications, the HLRC-4020 is a testament to Hualong Machinery's commitment to innovation and quality in the stone industry​​​​​​.
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Hualong Machinery's HLRC-4020 CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine: Revolutionize stone cutting with this advanced CNC Waterjet Cutter, perfect for the stone industry. Its 5-axis system and high-pressure water jet with abrasives allow precision cutting of diverse materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, marble, granite, and more.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Cutting Angles: Up to +60°, solving water cutting inclination issues.

2. Precision: Exceptional line and angle cutting accuracy (+/- 0.1mm and +/- 0.1°).

3. Powerful Performance: A high-pressure pump with 4137bar maximum output ensures unmatched cutting capability.

4. Ease of Operation: Equipped with NcStudio V10 Waterjet CNC system, compatible with various CAD/CAM software. Optional remote control for enhanced 5-axis operation.

Technical Specifications:

1.Model Variants: HLRC-3020 and HLRC-4020.

2.Working Area: Up to 410*210 cm.

3.Axis Movement: X-axis (up to 4000 mm), Y-axis (2000 mm), Z-axis (80-130 mm).

4.Rotation and Swing: C-axis rotation (+/- 360°), A-axis swing (+/- 60°).

5.Motor Power: 37 kW.


1.Material Efficiency: Narrow kerf (0.5-1.0 mm) for minimal waste.

2.Cut Recovery: Resume cutting seamlessly from where it stopped.

3.High-Precision Drive System: Ensures accuracy and efficiency in intricate tasks.

4.Durability: Sealed against water, dust, and grit for a long working life.


1.Ideal for creating intricate designs on marble, granite, limestone, etc.

2.Used in tile and slab production, monument and sculpture fabrication, architectural design, and custom stone work.


1.What materials can the HLRC-4020 CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine cut?

The HLRC-4020 is versatile, capable of cutting a wide range of materials including marble, granite, stone, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, glass, rubber, and foam.

2.What is the maximum cutting angle of the HLRC-4020?

This machine can cut at any angle within a range of +60°, addressing the common problem of water cutting inclination in traditional systems.

3.What are the key technical specifications of the HLRC-4020 model?

Key specifications include a working area of 410*210 cm, X-axis stroke of 4000 mm, Y-axis stroke of 2000 mm, and a Z-axis stroke of 80-130 mm. It has a main motor power of 37 kW.

4.How does the HLRC-4020 ensure minimal material waste?

The machine utilizes a narrow kerf cutting process (0.5-1.0 mm wide), optimizing material usage and increasing cost-effectiveness, particularly important when working with expensive materials like marble.

5.Can the HLRC-4020 be used for complex and intricate designs?

Absolutely. The HLRC-4020 is designed for high-precision cutting, making it ideal for intricate designs, detailed inlays, mosaics, and custom stone work, with capabilities to handle both 2D and 3D cutting requirements.


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