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Quartz Stone Polishing Machine

Here's the Quartz Stone Polishing Machine by Hualong Machinery. Our HLDM-1800 model is a single head automatic bridge stone polishing machine designed specifically for granite and marble polishing. With its rational construction, steady movement, and high accuracy, this machine ensures efficient and precise polishing results. Installation and maintenance are made convenient, allowing for seamless operation. As a leader in the stone machinery industry, Hualong Machinery brings you a reliable and advanced solution for all your stone polishing needs. Whether you require a single head polishing machine, a polishing machine for slabs, or a machine for granite and marble polishing, our HLDM-1800 is the ideal choice. Trust Hualong Machinery to deliver exceptional quality and performance.
  • HLDM-1800


Here's the HLDM-1800 Quartz Stone Polishing Machine by Hualong Machinery. This state-of-the-art machine is specifically designed for large-scale stone polishing projects, ensuring stability and accuracy throughout the process. With its automatic operation feature, it supports automated functionality, enhancing production efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention. The advanced precision control system guarantees high-precision polishing, maintaining consistency across every piece of stone. Users have the flexibility to adjust polishing parameters according to the specific requirements of different stone types, achieving optimal polishing results. Additionally, the HLDM-1800 is relatively easy to maintain, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted production. Experience the power of this single head polishing machine, ideal for polishing stone slabs, granite, marble, and more. Trust Hualong Machinery for top-notch stone machinery solutions.

Quartz Stone Polishing Machine

Technical Parameters



Power of main motor



Working platform dimensions


3200 x 2000

Air pressure required


0.3 - 0.5

Main Performance Parameters

Max. processing dimensions


3200 x 3200 x 60

Working platform tilting degree


R.P.M. of polishing head



X axis feeding speed



Y axis feeding speed



Air consumption


0.15 - 0.3

Water consumption




Gross weight



Dimension (L x W x H)


6000 x 5000 x 2800

Main Features

Main Features of the Quartz Stone Polishing Machine:

 1. High Precision: The HLDM-1800 quartz stone polishing machine is designed with a rational construction, ensuring steady movement and high accuracy during the polishing process.

 2. Easy Installation and Maintenance: This single head automatic bridge stone polishing machine is convenient to install and maintain, saving time and effort for operators.

 3. Versatile Application: With its advanced technology, the machine is suitable for polishing various types of stones, including granite and marble, providing a wide range of options for different projects.

 4. Efficient Polishing: The HLDM-1800 ensures efficient polishing of stone slabs, thanks to its single head design that allows for focused and precise polishing.

 5. Reliable Performance: Manufactured by Hualong Machinery, a renowned company in the stone machinery industry, this polishing machine guarantees reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Product Advantages

 1. Stable and Efficient Performance: The HLDM-1800 quartz stone polishing machine, designed by Hualong Machinery, ensures stability and high performance, resulting in an efficient polishing process.

 2. Precise and Uniform Polishing: This single head polishing machine exhibits smooth and precise movements, guaranteeing uniform polishing of the stone surface. It effectively reduces uneven spots and defects.

 3. High Precision and Quality Standards: The HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine boasts high-precision polishing capabilities, ensuring smoothness and gloss on the stone surface. It meets the highest quality standards in the industry. 

 4. User-Friendly Installation and Maintenance: Hualong Machinery has designed this machine model for convenient installation and maintenance. It reduces operational and maintenance complexities, enhancing overall production efficiency.

 5. Versatile Application: The HLDM-1800 quartz stone polishing machine is suitable for polishing various stone materials, including granite, marble, and quartz. It offers versatility in its application, catering to different customer needs.

 6. Enhanced Productivity: With its well-thought-out structure and smooth movement, this polishing machine enhances productivity by providing efficient and consistent results. It saves time and effort, contributing to increased output.

 7. Reliable and Durable: Hualong Machinery ensures the durability and reliability of the HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine. Its robust construction and high-quality components make it a long-lasting investment for stone processing businesses.

 8. Industry-Leading Technology: Hualong Machinery incorporates advanced technology in the design of the HLDM-1800 quartz stone polishing machine. It stays at the forefront of the stone machinery industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for stone polishing needs.

 9. Cost-Effective Solution: By delivering high-quality results and reducing maintenance complexities, the HLDM-1800 Stone Polishing Machine provides a cost-effective solution for stone processing businesses. It maximizes productivity while minimizing operational costs.

 10. Customer Satisfaction: Hualong Machinery prioritizes customer satisfaction, and the HLDM-1800 quartz stone polishing machine reflects this commitment. Its superior performance, ease of use, and reliable operation ensure customer satisfaction and long-term business partnerships.

Product Application

 1. The quartz stone polishing machine, model HLDM-1800, is specifically designed for polishing quartz surfaces to enhance their appearance and shine. It is suitable for various applications in the construction industry, such as countertop fabrication, tile production, and monument carving.

 2. With its advanced technology and precision engineering, this single head polishing machine ensures a mirror-like smoothness on quartz slabs. It is widely used in the stone industry for polishing large surfaces, providing a high-quality finish for both residential and commercial projects.

 3. The polishing machine for quartz stone is also capable of polishing other types of stones, such as granite and marble. This versatility allows it to cater to different stone polishing requirements, making it a valuable asset for stone processing factories, sculptors, and home decor enthusiasts.

 4. Hualong Machinery's quartz stone polishing machine offers exceptional performance and efficiency. Its robust construction and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for professionals in the stone machinery industry. The machine's durability ensures long-lasting operation, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

 5. Whether you are in the business of stone fabrication, construction, or decoration, the HLDM-1800 quartz stone polishing machine from Hualong Machinery is a reliable and efficient solution for achieving superior polishing results. Its precise control and adjustable settings allow for customization according to specific project requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional finished products.


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