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Stone Engraving Machine

Here's the HLSD3-1525 Stone Engraving Machine by Hualong Machinery. This 4-axis CNC machine is equipped with a milling cutter for precise engraving and switchable saw blades for efficient roughing. With its advanced technology, it can achieve stunning 3-dimensional stereoscopic engraving on various types of stones, including marble, granite, quartize, sandstone, and even artificial stone or ceramics. Additionally, it can also engrave on other materials such as glass, plastic, wood, and foam. Designed for the tombstone processing industry, home decoration industry, and arts and crafts industry, this machine is perfect for carving stone Buddha statues, sculptures, balustrades, crafts, and artwork projects. Its versatility and high precision make it an ideal choice for professionals in the stone machinery industry. Experience the power and efficiency of the HLSD3-1525 Stone Engraving Machine and bring your stone creations to life.
  • HLSD3-1525

  • Hualong Machinery

Here's the HLSD3-1525 Stone Engraving Machine by Hualong Machinery. This CNC-controlled stone engraving machine is equipped with the NC Studio control system, making it easy to learn and operate. Its breakpoint specific memory and power outage continued carving feature ensure uninterrupted work. The water-cooling spindle, with customizable power options of 3.5/4.5/5.5 kW, operates at a high rotating speed of 6000-24000 rpm/min. Utilizing high-speed bearing technology, it guarantees low noise, fast response, and stable performance for long hours of work. Taiwanese high-quality guide rail, ball screw, and rack are used on the X, Y, and Z axes, providing smooth motion and precise control for superior engraving results. With an automatic lubricating system, regular maintenance becomes effortless and waste is reduced. The Dorna servo motors, known for their resistance to heat and harsh environments, ensure fast speed, high precision, and shock resistance for accurate and reliable movement. The HLSD3-1525 Stone Engraving Machine also features a sturdy and durable chuck on its rotary platform, making it easy to fasten the working piece securely. Experience the efficiency and precision of the HLSD3-1525 Stone Engraving Machine, perfect for various stone engraving applications.

Technical Parameters


Model No.




Working platform size




Engraving height

≤ 1500 mm(customizable)

Spindle power

7.5 kw (customizable)

Spindle rotating speed

6000-24000 rpm/min

Saw power

22 kw

Max. power required

25 kw

Relief working

30000 mm/min

Diameter of engraving tool

ø1-16 mm

Positioning precision

+/- 0.03 mm

Repeat positioning accuracy

+/- 0.02 mm

Command code

G code

Driving system

Servo (customiable)

Cooling system

Water cooling

Dimensions (L x W x H)


Main Features

Main Features of the Stone Engraving Machine:

 1. Adopt NcStudio CNC control system: The stone engraving machine is equipped with the advanced NcStudio CNC control system, featuring a large color screen display for easy and simple operation.

 2. Break to resume function: In case of a power failure, the machine has a break to resume function, allowing it to continue carving from the break point once power is restored.

 3. Compatibility with software programs: The stone engraving machine is compatible with various software programs including Artcam JD Paint CAM software, providing flexibility and convenience for designing and carving.

 4. High-performance motors and drivers: The machine is equipped with high-performance new material motors and drivers that can withstand heat, shock, and harsh environments. This ensures high speed and accuracy during the engraving process.

 5. Professional vector control Inverter: The stone engraving machine is equipped with a professional vector control Inverter, which guarantees a variety of working speeds, smooth operation, and lower power consumption.

 6. Big standing type rotary table: The machine features a big standing type rotary table with a thicken PVC board, enhancing the loading capacity of the platform. This allows for the engraving of larger and heavier stone materials. 

 7. Steel tube lathe bed: The stone engraving machine has a steel tube lathe bed, providing a low center of gravity and strong bearing capacity. This ensures stability and a long working life for the machine. These main features make the HLSD3-1525 stone engraving machine from Hualong Machinery a reliable and efficient tool for stone engraving.

Product Advantages

 1. Advanced CNC Control System: The NcStudio CNC control system with a large color screen display enhances efficiency and precision in stone engraving.

 2. Breakpoint Specific Memory: The machine's breakpoint specific memory function ensures minimal material wastage and seamless operation by allowing it to continue carving from the exact point where it left off in case of a power outage or interruption.

 3. Compatibility with Software: The stone engraving machine is compatible with Artcam JD Paint CAM software and other CAM software programs, providing flexibility in design and programming options. 

 4. High-Performance Water-Cooled Spindle: The water-cooling spindle offers options for 3.5/4.5/5.5 kW power and a rotating speed range of 6000-24000 rpm/min. It incorporates high-speed bearing technology, resulting in low noise, rapid response, and long-term stability during operation. 

 5. Precision Motion Control: High-quality guide rails, ball screws, and racks sourced from Taiwan and China ensure smooth and precise motion control on all axes (X, Y, and Z), guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of engravings. 

 6. Auto Lubricating System: The automatic oil feeding and lubrication system simplifies regular maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

 7. Robust Servo Motors: Equipped with servo motors from Dorna, these motors are heat and shock-resistant, providing fast speeds, high precision, and shock resistance, ensuring precise movement along the X and Y axes.

 8. Sturdy Rotary Table: The machine features a rotary platform with a durable chuck, facilitating the secure fastening of workpieces and expanding the range of applications.

 9. Stable and Durable Construction: The steel tube lathe bed provides a low center of gravity, strong bearing capacity, and stability, ensuring a long working life for the machine. 

 10. Versatile Applications: The stone engraving machine is ideal for a wide range of applications, including stone Buddhas statues, church sculptures, stone balustrades, Roman columns, stone crafts, artwork, funeral tablets/tombstones, and milestones.

Product Application

 1. Stone Engraving Machine: Ideal for engraving stone Buddhas statues, church sculptures, and stone crafts, allowing for intricate and detailed designs to be carved onto the surface.

 2. CNC Portable Stone Engraving Machine: Perfect for on-site engraving work, such as creating stone balustrades, Roman columns, and column cap & base, providing flexibility and convenience.

 3. Stone Engraving Machine Price Pakistan: Offers cost-effective solutions for the production of funeral tablets/tombstones and milestones, allowing for personalized and durable engravings.

 4. Stone Engraving CNC Machine: Enables precise and accurate engraving on various stone materials, ensuring high-quality artwork and craftsmanship.

 5. Engraving Machine for Stone: Specifically designed for the stone industry, the HLSD3-1525 model by Hualong Machinery is capable of handling a wide range of stone engraving applications, providing efficiency and reliability.


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