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Stone Block Cutting Machine

Here's the HLQY-32-1700 Stone Block Cutting Machine, a heavy-duty and high-efficiency solution for cutting granite blocks into slabs. With its innovative design featuring 6 pillars for spindle sliding and 32 circle blades, this machine is capable of delivering exceptional results. As an expert in the stone machinery industry, we understand the importance of precision and productivity. That's why our cutting machine is equipped with the latest technology to ensure efficient and accurate cutting. At Hualong Machinery, we are committed to providing top-quality products that meet the demands of the industry. Experience the power and reliability of our stone block cutting machine and witness the transformation of granite blocks into slabs with ease. Contact us now for more information and discover the competitive pricing options we offer.
  • HLQY-32-1700

  • Hualong Machinery

Here's the stone block cutting machine, model 1700, by Hualong Machinery. This cutting-edge machine is designed to provide efficient and precise cutting of stone blocks, making it an essential tool for the stone machinery industry. The machine features 6 big strong pillars as sliding guides for the spindle, ensuring smooth and accurate movement. To prevent pollution, the pillars are covered with fabric. The machine is equipped with 32 circle blades, sourced from China, for enhanced productivity. The electronic control system, manufactured by Siemens in Germany, guarantees stability and high automation performance. The linear guide, from Hiwin in Taiwan, China, is used on the crossbeam and carling, ensuring top-quality performance. With its advanced features and reliable components, the stone block cutting machine is a must-have for professionals in the industry. Get your stone block cutter machine today and experience the precision and efficiency it offers. Contact us for pricing details.

Technical Parameters



Max. blade diameter



Power of main motor


75 (6P)

Power of pump motor



Power of stroke motor



Power of vertical motor



Gross Power



Length of cross-beam


8400 / 9860

Main Performance Parameters

Cutting Length


4000 / 5460

Cutting Width




Gross weight


33000 / 35500

Dimension (LxWxH)



Main Features

 1. 6 Pillars for Steady Structure and Stable Lifting: The machine adopts 6 pillars specifically designed for spindle sliding, ensuring a steady structure and stable lifting during operation.

 2. Super Large Crossbeam for Firm and Stable Performance: With a weight of 14.5t, the super large crossbeam above the machine provides exceptional stability and firmness, guaranteeing smooth and reliable operation.

 3. Hiwin Linear Guide for High Precision and Long Life: The crossbeam and carling of the machine utilize Taiwan's Hiwin linear guide, ensuring precise cutting and extended operational lifespan.

 4. Siemens Electronic Control System for Stability and Automation: Equipped with the Siemens electronic control system, the machine offers excellent stability and high automation performance, enhancing overall efficiency.

 5. Advanced Technology for Enhanced Productivity: The Hualong Machinery Stone Block Cutting Machine incorporates cutting-edge technology to optimize productivity, allowing for efficient and precise cutting of stone blocks.

Product Advantages

 1. Stable Structural Design: The 6-pillar spindle sliding design ensures the machine's stability and smooth lifting, enhancing overall performance and reliability.

 2. Robust Crossbeam: With a super-large crossbeam weighing 14.5 tons, the machine operates robustly and stably, providing a solid foundation for precise cutting.

 3. High Precision Cutting: The adoption of Taiwan's Hiwin linear guide for the crossbeam and carling movement guarantees high-precision cutting, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

 4. Outstanding Control System: Equipped with the Siemens electronic control system from Germany, our stone block cutting machine offers excellent stability, high automation performance, and precise control over cutting operations.

 5. Long Lifespan: The use of high-quality components and materials, such as the Hiwin linear guide and robust crossbeam, ensures a long lifespan for the machine, minimizing maintenance needs and maximizing productivity. 

Product Application

 1. Stone Block Cutting Machine: Our stone block cutting machine, model 1700, is specifically designed for cutting granite blocks into slabs. With its stable structure and high-precision cutting capabilities, it is an essential tool in the stone processing industry.

 2. Large-Scale Production: Equipped with 32 pieces of blades, our stone block cutting machine is highly efficient for large-scale production. It is ideal for situations where batch cutting is required, allowing for increased productivity and reduced processing time.

 3. High-Quality Cutting: Our stone block cutting machine is perfect for projects that demand high precision and high-quality cutting. The use of high-quality linear guides and the Siemens electronic control system ensures accurate and consistent cutting results. This makes it suitable for applications in the construction sector and stone decoration.

 4. Versatile Applications: Apart from cutting granite blocks, our stone block cutting machine can also be used for cutting other types of stone materials. Its versatility allows for a wide range of applications in various industries, including architecture, interior design, and landscaping.

 5. Cost-Effective Solution: Our stone block cutting machine offers a cost-effective solution for businesses in the stone industry. Its efficient cutting capabilities and durable construction ensure long-term reliability, reducing maintenance and operational costs.


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