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Granite Cutting Machine Stone

HKNC-825 Granite Cutting Machine Stone, a cutting-edge solution for the stone industry. With its 5-axis linkage and Italian ESA CNC control, this machine offers unparalleled precision and versatility. Designed for complex curved surface processing and profiling, it excels in shaping kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity countertops, tombstones, art decoration slabs, and rock sculptures. As a leading player in the stone machinery industry, Hualong Machinery proudly presents this state-of-the-art equipment. Our machine ensures efficient and accurate stone cutting, making it ideal for various applications. Experience the power of the HKNC-825 and witness the seamless integration of technology and craftsmanship. Trust Hualong Machinery for all your stone shaping needs.
  • HKNC-825

Products Description

cutting machines marble

Hualong Machinery presents the 825 model, a top-of-the-line stone shaping machine designed for precision and efficiency in the stone industry. This CNC machine is equipped with an advanced Esa control system, originating from Italy, featuring a user-friendly 19" touch screen for easy setup and automatic processing. The digital servomotor, also from ESA, ensures reliable control of the X, Y, Z, C, and A axes, thanks to its integrated drives and total digital integration with the CNC system. The machine is further enhanced with high-quality electro-spindles, controlled by an inverter, allowing for adjustable revolutions from 0 to 6000 rpm. This enables the use of various tools, such as blade and diamond tools, for precise cutting and shaping. Optional features include a tool measuring system for enhanced accuracy and a safeguard door, operated by infrared induction, ensuring safety throughout the machining process. The machine's durability and precision are guaranteed by the implementation of Hiwin linear guides, renowned for their top quality and long lifespan. With Hualong Machinery's granite cutting machine stone, you can achieve perfect and efficient stone shaping, making even the most complex machining jobs effortless.

Technical Parameters



Diameter of saw blade


Φ400 - Φ800

Dimension of working platform


3500 x 2100

Power of main motor



Power of tool slide reciprocating motor



Power of crossbeam shifting motor



Power of hydraulic station motor



Power of elevator motor



Gross power



Main Performance Parameters

Max. length of horizontal cutting



Max. thickness of cutting



Max. lifting travel of cutter



Water consumption




Gross weight



Dimension (L x W x H)



Main Features

cutting machines marble

1.5-axis linkage control with the advanced Italian CNC Esa system for precise and efficient stone shaping.

2. User-friendly interface with a 19" color touch-screen, making operation easy and intuitive. 

3. Versatile functionality that combines carving, milling, cutting, drilling, and engraving into a seamless process, allowing for complex stone processing. 

4. The blade can rotate 0°-360° and tilt 90°, enabling chamfering cutting in any direction and at any angle. 

5. The working platform can tilt up to 85 degrees, facilitating easy loading of stone slabs.

6. Manual cutting option available for simpler machining tasks. 

7. Photo slab feature for efficient nesting and defect avoidance during the cutting process. 

8. Nesting can be done manually or automatically to optimize the usage of the stone slab surface. 

9. RTCP (Rotary Tool Center Point) tool point tracking function ensures precise machining with ease. 1

10. Optional vein match feature allows for seamless matching of veins and colors at the seams of your project. 

Product Advantages

marble granite cutting machine

Product Advantages: 

 1. Advanced 5-Axis Linkage Control: Our granite cutting machine stone, model 825, incorporates 5-axis linkage control with the Italian CNC ESA system, allowing for intricate and precise stone shaping. This advanced technology enables complex curved surface processing and profiling, ensuring high-quality results. 

 2. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a 19-inch color touch-screen interface, our stone shaping machine provides an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for operators. This user-friendly interface allows for efficient operation and reduces the learning curve for new users. 

 3. Versatile Functionality: Our machine combines the functions of carving, milling, cutting, drilling, and engraving into a seamless workflow, facilitating comprehensive stone processing. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple machines, saving both time and resources. 

 4. Flexible Blade Manipulation: The blade of our granite cutting machine stone has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees in any direction. This flexibility allows for chamfering cuts from various angles, enhancing the design possibilities and execution precision. 

 5. Tilted Working Platform: With an 85-degree tilt capability, the working platform of our machine simplifies the loading of stone slabs, improving efficiency. This feature saves time and effort during the setup process, increasing overall productivity. 

 6. Manual Cutting Option: Our stone shaping machine also offers a manual cutting option for simpler tasks. This flexibility allows operators to choose the most suitable method for different project requirements, ensuring optimal results. 

 7. Efficient Slab Optimization: The system supports both manual and automatic nesting, optimizing slab surface usage to minimize waste. This feature helps reduce material costs and improves overall efficiency in stone processing. 

8. Precision Assurance: The RTCP (Tool Point Tracking) function of our granite cutting machine stone ensures high precision in machining. This feature contributes to the quality of the finished products, meeting the strictest standards in the stone industry. 

 9. Vein Matching Option: Our machine offers the optional Vein Match feature, facilitating seamless matching of veins and colors at project seams. This enhancement enhances the overall aesthetic of the finished stone products, creating a visually appealing result. 


With our granite cutting machine stone, model 825, from Hualong Machinery, you can benefit from advanced technology, user-friendly operation, versatile functionality, and precision assurance. Experience efficient and precise stone shaping, cutting, and processing for your projects.

Product Application

 1. 3D Decorative Wall Panels: Our granite cutting machine stone (model 825) is perfect for shaping and cutting granite slabs into precise dimensions for creating stunning 3D decorative wall panels.

 2. Countertops: With our stone shaping machines, you can effortlessly cut and shape granite slabs to create beautiful and durable countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces.

 3. Doorsteps, Staircases, and Thresholds: Our cutting machine stone (model 825) is designed to cut and shape granite slates with precision, allowing you to create custom doorsteps, staircases, and thresholds that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

 4. Fireplaces: Utilizing our marble granite cutting machine, you can easily shape and cut granite slabs to create exquisite fireplace surrounds and mantels, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living area.

 5. Flooring: Our stone slates cutting machine enables you to cut and shape granite slates into various sizes and patterns, making it ideal for creating stunning and durable flooring options for residential and commercial spaces. 


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