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Gangsaw Machine

The HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine, crafted by Hualong Machinery, stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the stone machinery sector. This machine is expertly engineered for cutting marble, limestone, sandstone, and synthetic stone blocks with unmatched precision and efficiency.
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Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision in stone cutting with the HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine, a masterpiece of engineering by Hualong Machinery. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the marble and stone processing industry, the HLKJ-80 stands out with its advanced technology and robust construction.

Crafted to perfection, this machine specializes in transforming large blocks of marble, limestone, sandstone, and synthetic stones into uniformly cut slabs. Its unique sliding sleeve double link saw design, complemented by a sophisticated lifting system, ensures the highest quality of output while optimizing operational costs.

The HLKJ-80 is not just a tool but a technological marvel, equipped with a table lifting feeding mode and a frequency conversion drive. This feature, paired with a static pressure circular guide rail, guarantees precision in every cut, offering unmatched stability and accuracy.

Safety and efficiency are at the heart of its design. With an innovative screw rod anti-impact protection device and an energy-efficient operation, the HLKJ-80 safeguards users while minimizing power consumption. The machine's intelligent control system, equipped with fault cause alarms, ensures easy operation and immediate troubleshooting, making it user-friendly and reliable.'

Ideal for marble processing industries around the globe, the HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine is your answer to high-quality, efficient, and precise stone cutting. Trust in the expertise of Hualong Machinery to deliver a solution that not only meets but exceeds your stone processing needs.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Cutting Mechanism: The machine employs a sliding sleeve double link saw design, coupled with a unique lifting system that elevates the block during sawing. This feature not only ensures the highest quality of output but also significantly reduces operational costs.

2. Robust Design and Durability: Known also as a diamond frame saw, diamond row saw, or marble frame saw, the HLKJ-80 is praised for its sturdy construction. It offers excellent rust resistance and durability, ensuring long-term reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

3. Precision Engineering: The HLKJ-80 boasts a table lifting feeding mode with frequency conversion drive, ensuring efficient and accurate cutting. The static pressure circular guide rail structure guarantees stability and precision during the saw frame's reciprocating swing.

4. Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: A unique screw rod anti-impact mechanical protection device enhances operational safety. The machine's energy-efficient design minimizes current fluctuations, thus prolonging the motor's lifespan and reducing power consumption.

5. Intelligent Control System: Equipped with an intelligent control system and a user-friendly interface, the HLKJ-80 offers easy operation and real-time monitoring. Fault cause alarms ensure prompt troubleshooting, enhancing the machine's usability.

Technical Specifications:

1.Model No: HLKJ-80/S800

2.Blade Length: 4400 mm

3.Maximum Cutting Size: 3200x2000x2000 mm

4.Power: 110 kW

5.Dimensions: 11900x5060x4960 mm


Ideal for marble processing industries, the HLKJ-80 is adept at transforming large marble blocks into uniform slabs. Its high cutting speed and precision make it a vital tool for marble processing factories, ensuring high-quality output with consistent thickness.

Why Choose Hualong Machinery's HLKJ-80?

Opt for the HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine for its unparalleled efficiency, precision, and durability. Whether for marble block cutting in Pakistan or any global location, this machine stands as a testament to Hualong Machinery's commitment to excellence in stone machinery solutions.


1. What materials can the HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine cut?

The HLKJ-80 is specifically designed to cut a range of stone materials, including marble, limestone, sandstone, and various synthetic stones. Its advanced cutting mechanism ensures precision and efficiency, making it ideal for processing these materials into uniform slabs.

2. How does the HLKJ-80 ensure precision in cutting?

The HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine features a table lifting feeding mode with frequency conversion drive. This, along with its static pressure circular guide rail structure, guarantees stability and precision during the saw frame's reciprocating swing, resulting in highly accurate cuts.

3. Is the HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine energy-efficient?

Yes, the HLKJ-80 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It minimizes current fluctuations, which not only prolongs the motor's lifespan but also reduces power consumption. This makes it both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for stone cutting.

4. What safety features does the HLKJ-80 offer?

The HLKJ-80 includes a unique screw rod anti-impact mechanical protection device, enhancing operational safety. Additionally, its intelligent control system provides fault cause alarms for prompt troubleshooting, ensuring a safer working environment.

5. Can the HLKJ-80 be used in marble processing factories outside of China?

Absolutely. The HLKJ-80 Gangsaw Machine is suitable for marble processing industries worldwide. Its high cutting speed, precision, and adaptability to various stone materials make it a valuable asset in marble processing factories globally.


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