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5 Axis Cnc Countertop Cutting Machine

​HKNC-500 is a multifunctional 5-axis CNC stone cutting machine
  • HKNC-500



 Product Description

HKNC-500 5 axis cnc countertop cutting machine is a powerful automated stone processing machine, specialised in plate cutting, countertop cutting,sink cutting and so on. The machine adopts imported Italian CNC intelligent control system, which can achieve high precision processing, and significantly improve the production efficiency and product quality. The following is the introduction of HKNC-500 granite countertop cutting machine.

First of all, HKNC-500 countertop machine adopts high-quality body material and advanced manufacturing process, the machine structure is solid, stable and reliable, capable of running for a long time, which effectively reduces the cost of use. In addition, the machine is equipped with ESA CNC software and touch screen HMI, which is easy and intuitive to operate, even inexperienced operators can get started quickly and improve production efficiency.

5 Axis Cnc Countertop Cutting Machine

Secondly, the HKNC-500 granite countertop cnc machine is equipped with advanced cnc control system and mapping software, which enables a wide range of complex machining such as cutting, engraving, drilling, etc. on plates with highly reliable accuracy. The machine also features high-speed processing and high-volume processing, which can meet the daily production needs of enterprises and is compatible with a wide range of plate materials. Whether it is marble, yellow granite or artificial stone, HKNC-500 can be processed, the machine has a wide range of adaptability. Meet the cutting requirements of different materials.

Last but not least, the HKNC-500 countertop panel machine features include the ability to automatically calculate machining paths, an intelligent sensing system, and an automatic tool magazine. These are designed to make the machine highly automated, dramatically increasing operational efficiency and reducing human error, thus enhancing productivity and product quality, and greatly reducing reliance on manpower and equipment.

Overall, the HKNC-500 Countertop Machine is a reliable and high quality machine with wide adaptability and highly automated production features. Its introduction brings great benefits to stone processing enterprises, saving them a lot of time and cost, improving product processing quality and productivity, and further promoting the rapid development of the whole stone processing industry.


 Technical Parameters

Name Unit HKNC-500
Diameter of saw blade mm ø400-ø500
Dimension of working platform mm 3300x2000
Max. cutting length mm 3300
Max. cutting thickness mm 140
Max. lifting stroke mm 250
Max. lifting weight by sunction cups kg 200
Power of main motor kw 26.4
Power of cutter frame reciproctating motor kw 2
Power of crossbeam shifting motor kw 1.1
Power of hydraulic station motor kw 2.2
Power of lifting motor kw 0.85
Gross power kw 16
Water consumption m3/h 2
Gross weight kg 5800
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 5700x3260x2765



Product Detail
1)5-axis interpolation, Italian CNC Esa system.  

2)Easy to use 19" color touch screen interface.

3)The blade can be rotated 0°-360° and inclined 90°, which can be chamfered in any direction and at any angle.

4)The working platform can be inclined at 85 degrees, which is convenient for plate loading.

5)Integral structure, the size is suitable for the container, and the loading and unloading installation is convenient.

6)Manual cutting can be used for simple machining.

7)Manual/automatic nesting to optimize slab surface usage.

8)Optional - Vacuum robot for workpiece handling.

9)Optional - Photo board for nesting and defect avoidance.

10)Optional - Vein Matching, can easily match every vein, color at the seam of the project.


 Product Video

marble granite cutting machine


 Company Profile

Hualong is a company dedicated to stone machinery manufacturing, with many years of industry experience and expertise to provide customers with quality products and services. Hualong's mission is to provide customers with the best mechanical equipment and solutions, so that the world to obtain higher productivity and quality, to achieve their own development and progress.

Hualong Company focuses on scientific and technological innovation and technical reform, and constantly promotes its own development and progress. We have a technical team full of experience and innovative thinking, focusing on research and development and improvement of existing mechanical products and equipment. There are also always professional pre-sales and after-sales services to provide customers with more advanced, efficient and energy-saving solutions. At the same time, Hualong is also actively exploring emerging technologies and new materials to lay a solid foundation for the future development of the stone machinery industry.

Hualong attaches great importance to quality management and customer service, always focusing on customers' needs and providing professional technical support and fault solutions. We have a perfect after-sales service system, 24 hours online to provide customers with technical support and guidance, to ensure that customers can use the machine smoothly and safely.

Hualong's goal is to become one of the world's leading stone machinery manufacturers, and constantly improve our own technical level and service quality to promote the development and progress of the stone machinery industry. We believe that only through continuous learning and progress can we provide our customers with better quality products and services and continuously create the value of Hualong brand.

We are well aware of our mission and responsibility, and will continue to uphold the corporate culture of integrity, innovation, service and collaboration, and continue to promote the modernisation of management and development strategies, and constantly research and develop new stone machinery to create more value for customers and society.

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